So, you're Uninspired?

In today's post I am casting my mind back to when I very first started blogging. I remember the images I looked at on other blogs (the likes of Harper and Harley, Fashion Toast and The Blonde Salad) and thinking why did mine not look like those? I put it down to my location, and how unfair that was! Why could I not be in Paris, in London, or anywhere but Leeds... where I assumed the location alone would completely transform my images. In some ways it does, and I still constantly look for amazing locations that do half the work for you when shooting a blog post, but it's not always that easy! I now live in a city centre that fulfils all my streetstyle dreams, and as this is my full time job I can dedicate the time to finding new spots. When I started I was at Uni, with not the best camera, taking photos on the street I lived on. So many blogs start this way, and I am sure so many bloggers feel frustrated by the same situation. 

The reason I am discussing it now is because this street I am on here is the very street I began my blogging journey. Just outside of Leeds, in my second year of University I started blogging. Still feeling rather camera shy, and mortified at the idea that anyone would actually see me taking photos in the street, my first few photo shoots were confined to this very street or the small garden outside my front door. I am sure these streets will be familiar to anyone living in the UK, we have them throughout the country, and I felt so stuck with this location and as though it was hindering my blog.

Of course I was just starting out, so my images were never going to be what I hoped. I didn't know how to use my camera properly, didn't have Photoshop (or any photo editing software) and felt so self conscious of the fact I was blogging I didn't even dare to write more than a couple of sentences. You can see all of this for yourself in my first ever post here, and three other equally cringeworthy ones here, here and here. Now, please ignore the awkward poses, the questionable outfits and the super long hair that never suited me, and just look at how I was using the location then, in comparison to now. This isn't meant in a showy off way, although there is no shame in admitting you've improved at something over time, but to show you can make the most of any location you find yourself. Search Pinterest for some inspo (this image inspired this shoot), plan an outfit that works for the location, and get to grips with the basics of photoshop so you can put your own touch on any location! You can add your own style and 'aesthetic' onto anything, all you need is a little creativity and determination. And daring to experiment a little will help you find what that style might be. 

Don't be disheartened if you don't live in photogenic Paris like I always was, instead find a way to make where you are work for you. I always thought moving to a city centre would change so much for me and my blog, and in many ways it did. It's so much quicker and easier to shoot images I am pleased with, but it's equally just as easy to become lazy and complacent. No matter where you live it's important to try new things. I am so guilty of falling into a routine and rut of shooting in the same spots, as quickly as possible, with little thought really going into it. Actually having these locations on my doorstep has made me realise how important it is to find ways to keep you inspired, thinking of new things and new ways to refresh what you're doing. 

P.S, for those of you who have been asking recently, I shoot on a Nikon d750 with a 35mm lens. 


Feeling The Chill

Blimey what a cold weekend we have had! Harry and I have been without a working boiler for over a week now and I resorted to going back to my Mum's at the weekend for a shower (of course not motivated by the little kitten residing there at all!) Despite a boiler-less life, last week was a lovely one. Even though work officially started up again the week before, last week felt like the proper beginning. I finally kicked myself back into gear of thinking about new content ideas, not putting off replying to emails, and did my first London trip of the year (god knows how many of those I got through last year). January is always a pretty miserable month. It's the first Winter month that feels like a bleak Winter, rather than a magical one - but, every year it comes and goes, every year we all plod through, and every year we make the most of it! 

My January has certainly been brightened up by the HUGE amount of clothes and shoes I have amassed by online shopping like a thing possessed. I shared all of these with you in yesterday's video, and perhaps my favourite piece is this Topshop faux fur number. I urge you to go into your local Topshop and seek this out, even if it is just to give it a hug as it's the squishiest thing ever! I think if our boiler doesn't get fixed soon I will resort to wearing this in the house, and possibly even to bed. Another little January pick me up was getting my hair done - and I do realise this is now the third post I am sharing since having it done, and I have completely forgotten to mention it in the previous two! Breaking away from my usual routine of darker for Winter then back lighter for Summer, I decided to go for a lighter colour this time around. It's actually been over six months since I last had my hair coloured, so things were in desperate need of a refresh. I couldn't be happier with it either - it was one of those rare(ish) moments where you leave the hairdressers with exactly what you wanted, if not even better. 

Most importantly, I am finally feeling inspired again after a post-Christmas slump. I have been so so pleased with the photos I have been sharing over the past week, and hope to continue to feel that way and find ways to improve them even more. Obvs all my new clothes are helping me out too of course, but I am also feeling inspired by what I write. You guys would be amazed at how much time I spend staring at an empty blog post thinking what the hell am I going to say today?! I don't have weighty topics to discuss each day, and sometimes I just want to leave it at a simple outfit description and be done with the whole thing. But recently I have been finding it easier to write, even if it's such a stream of consciousness like this post!