Night Out

A few weeks ago I went out. It's worthy of sharing on here because it doesn't happen too often, I am much more of a dinner and a couple of drinks kinda gal. But it was Lindsey's 30th b'day and she had a wonderful party which of course I went too (she also got hilariously drunk and I filmed the whole thing like a true friend does, you can see it in this vlog here). Linds had the most insane outfit from Isabel Marant that we tracked down when we went to LA in May, see photo evidence of this here.. believe it's worth seeing, she looked insane!!!! 

For my own outfit I didn't fancy wearing a dress, or buying something I was only going to wear once (I know I am a broken record with that one, but it's how I always feel), so I opted for a trousers and top combination. Both are Topshop, and I impulse bought them the week before. The trousers I love especially, and I am actually wearing them right now as I write this with a denim jacket and t-shirt, already proving they were a good buy and wearable beyond a night out. The top is completely see through, as you may have noticed. Online they style it with a little slip underneath but I thought 'why the heck not' and decided to just go for it and wear a nice bra. I actually never feel to exposed in see through tops like this, I think it's the combination of the high neck and the long sleeves that counteracts the fact you are essentially just wearing mesh. Even if it does have polka dots on it. Finished off with some Saint Laurent heels which are now my go-to for any evening out or smart event because they go with everything and are super easy to walk in for a long time. 

All in all I was very happy with my night out look, and while the mesh top will be harder to re-wear the trousers have definitely already proven to be a great purchase. Also, how cool are these photos? Paul shot them for me on my little Leica Minilux and I am so so pleased with them - that camera is proving to be a seriously good purchase. 


Comfort Zone

This post is sponsored by Nike and RewardStyle. 

Styling trainers is something I have mentioned before on here, mostly saying how hard I find it but how good other people make them look. There is always such a fine line between effortless cool, and looking like they're your commuting shoes and you're going to pop some heels on when you get to the office. Going to the gym regularly really ignited my desire to wear trainers on a more day to day basis too, mostly because they are so damn comfy. Countless times I have been to the gym, got home and changed and popped the comfy trainers back on while I get things done. And while that was always the comfy option, it was never the most stylish. 

So today I am having a stab at styling trainers again. This time the Jewell trainers from Nike which the newest style in the AirMax collection and are SO comfortable I am determined to make these work!!! I like the fact they're sort of in between a sporty looking gym trainers, and something more luxe. They're suede with a big squishy heel that makes it feel like walking on air (hence the name AirMax, I am with you on that one Nike) and have that awkward ugly look that I always gravitate towards.. you guys know by now that when I describe something as 'awkward ugly' it is always a compliment. 

In terms of styling, here is my thinking with this look. The jeans with the frayed hem are always good option when you want to draw some attention to your shoes, and I love the length of these ones too. After some extensive Pinterest searching with 'help trainers don't look good on me' in the search bar, my favourite looks were the ones that didn't make sense with trainers at all. Not a simple jeans, a t-shirt, leather jacket combo - but something that looked like it should be worn with a different style of shoe. It really built on that ugly awkwardness you know I always love. SO I went with some Summer layering - a skinny body and oversized shirt tied over the top. This is a combination I also plan to wear on holiday next week, and is a great way to add some layers into an outfit if you are missing your Winter layering like I am. 

Overall I loved the outfit, and I am going to add these photos to Pinterest right now in the hope that if you need to search 'help trainers don't look good on me' that these images will show up as guiding hand! 


Shop more styles from the collection here: 

ONE YEAR on 35mm

Almost exactly one year ago I bought a little film camera to start experimenting with film photography on my blog. I thought it would be a nice way to introduce something new, and it has since become my favourite aspect of blogging. I decided I would shoot one roll of film every single week, and share it on here in a diary form. It was a great way to introduce some lifestyle content on my blog, but in a way that felt a little different - and the aesthetic of film instantly brings a sense of nostalgia that digital cannot replicate. I am pretty proud to say that in the past year I have not missed a single roll of film. Every week I have shot at least 24 exposures, and going to get those developed has become a little weekly ritual that I always look forward to. Looking back through a years worth of images brought back so many amazing memories, which was so nice especially given everything going on in my life at the moment. I get all of the images printed too, and they all live in a giant box with my favourites hung on walls. It's a great way to actually take that trip down memory lane, something I usually can only do by going through my iPhone camera roll before ruthlessly deleting half of them when greeted with the dreaded 'storage full' message.

To celebrate all of this, I went through every film post from the past year and took one image from each one. This post spans from a trip to Italy last year (which is when I started shooting on film), through many other trips, hairstyles, friendships and of course, outfits. Starting with no writing at all, then moving onto the annotated images that I love to create so so much. I've also gone through a few cameras in the past year, something I get a lot of questions about. I first had the Olympus Mju II, which lasted many months so a lot of the images in this post were shot on that. It's an amazing point and shoot and I highly recommend it - it served me well until I drop kicked it across a carpark, something I don't recommend as much. After that I got the Olympus XA which is fully manual. I got some amazing photos of this, but it is seriously fiddly to use. In order to shoot a roll of film each week I have to be able to shoot on the go, and often in a rush. Manually setting up a camera every time doesn't work well with 'on the go' and 'in a rush', and when I often need someone else to take the photo of me it was a nightmare to explain exactly what to do, especially when I wasn't very good at it myself. So about two weeks ago I swapped that in for a Leica Minilux, which so far I am loving. It's the most expensive one I have had by a long way, but so far so good, and I am yet to drop kick it across a carpark. 

Not only did starting to shoot film bring the 'My Week on 35mm' series to life, but also a general love for shooting on film. Recently I have shared more content shot on 35mm and medium format than I have on digital! If any of you are feeling tempted by working on film then go for it, it's so so rewarding and challenging - I cannot recommend it enough!   

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