A New Occasion Wear Series

Hello and welcome to a new blog series. I know I said I was dropping off posting on Thursdays but I have found myself on top of my work load so I wanted to share this post ASAP! We are going to be diving into the realms of formal dressing. Wedding season is fast approaching, and while I have non to attend (booooo) I know many of you will! So I wanted to provide a little inspiration, not just for weddings, but for any fancy occasion at all. I get lots of questions about how to dress for formal events, and I struggle with it so much too. When denim and a t-shirt is your most comfortable get up, suddenly having to get all fancy can really throw you out of your comfort zone. I am going to try and cover lots of different items in this series; trousers, dresses, suits, skirts... anything and everything that catches my eye, and is hopefully a little different too! 

Not only do I usually feel rather uncomfortable in dressier outfits, I tend to lament spending money on those clothes too. I am not interested in forking out on a dress I will only wear once, and you all know how much I bang on about 'VERSATILITY', to the point where I may as well have it tattooed on my forehead. So in each of these posts I am also going to show how to style up the fancy item in a more day-to-day way, to give you guys some inspo on how to wear these pieces beyond the big event. It's definitely going to be a challenge for me, but I already have loads of really cool outfits in the pipeline to share!!  

This one was all about the trousers. I keep seeing trousers like this popping up on Instagram and they look so good on everyone. After giving them a spin here are my main tips;

- Go for the smallest size you can, they really lend themselves to being super skinny over the bum and waist.

- If you are petite heels will be a must, they dragged on the floor a little for when wearing flats and I am pretty tall.

- They are a little hazardous to walk in, but you get the hang of it. It was a bit windy when we shot this, but the long bits at the back sort of blew round to the front and tried to trip me up a fair few times. I feel a few drinks and a dance while wearing these could end in a broken bone.

They are the kind of piece you can almost guarantee no one else would be wearing at a party, as they are definitely out there. But, I do think they still have a minimal vibe to them, and certainly lend themselves to some simple styling. For the evening look I went with a white shirt, tied up at the front. This makes the silouhette as flattering and sexy as it can be, I always find it makes my waist look smaller as the shirt billows out above the waistband of the trousers. It's also a great way to make sure you've got a top on that comes up to just the right length, showing off these trousers from hem line to waistband really emphasises the leg lengthening effect they have.

For my shoes I went with my Aquazzura Wild Thing, and get ready to see these shoes a lot throughout this series. They go with everything perfectly, are a dream to walk in, and always draw in a few compliments!


For the casual look these trousers really do work with any outfit you would normally wear your jeans with. Aside from the aforementioned length issue, any footwear would be permitted too. I think a cropped jacket is a key aspect as, again, it allows the pants to do their leg lengthening magic. My Maje one was the perfect length for this, and I slipped one of my many breton striped t-shirts underneath. In all honesty the trousers might be a little high maintenance to wear day-to-day when you're running your errands. A 'broken ankle in aisle 8' while in Tesco is a real possibility, so I think I will be reserving them for lunch dates of casual evening drinks. That being said, I felt really cool in these. And I love both the dressed up outfit and the casual one, so all in all the first post of this series has been a success in my books! 


All Black Outfit, Like The Old Days


When I first starting really engaging with fashion online, it was mostly done through Tumblr. This was pre-Instagram, and the sometimes infrequent posts from my favourite bloggers wasn't giving me enough content to consume! I turned to Tumblr, a website I still occasionally scroll through, but nowadays I look for different things. When I first started getting really into my personal style, and specifically the world of luxury items, I was transfixed by the hyper-glam image that so many Tumblr girls had. I am thinking lot of make up, long hair in soft curls (that I could never recreate), skin tight jeans with rips and some Louboutins. It was this inspiration that first got me into incorporating tailoring into my daily looks, and in that sense I have never looked back. While I did invest in a pair of Louboutins, my lacking make up skills and permenantly flat hair meant I never really managed to eminate that super-glam Kardashian inspired look. Plus I have never been into acrylic nails which I feel it the icing on the cake for that look, so there were a few factors holding me back! 

One of the biggest things I remember from this was how much I loved to wear all black. Everything seemed to be about #allblackeverything and black skinnies with a black blazer were a daily uniform. I feel like I have somewhat ditched my love for all black. Sometimes when I am out and about and see someone in an amazing all black outfit I feel so inspired by it, but my love for blue denim has been monopolising everything for quite some time now! Also all black looks can be hard to photograph well as everything sort of gets lost within itself. 

Anyway the relevance of that long story is that I have been feeling inspired by all black again.. well, almost. Sort of shades of black/grey, with some lighter shoes (that aren't Louboutins!) 

This blazer is new in from C/MEO Collective and it's incredible! The ruffle sleeves are the perfect way for me to jump on the ruffle trend band wagon, and it has an especially flattering cut to it. The sunnies are also new in from Sunglasses Shop, I have been religously wearing my Ray-Ban's whenever the sun comes out, so a new pair was very welcome! These are the Fendi 0194S Sunglasses and they have that amazing reflective lens that is ideal for incognito people watching because people cannot see you staring. That is only half a joke, I love to people watch! Anyway they're nice and big and a very lovely rose-goldy-copper (excuse this technical jargon) shade which I also like! 

And on a final note, I just wanted to share a little interview I did with FarFetch at the end of last year - just incase you wanted to hear even more about me and my style ;) You can read it here. 


Some Spring Thoughts

This post is sponsored by French Connection and Who What Wear.

I always love the way everyone anticipates spring more than any other season. Even the fact that ‘Spring has sprung!’ is something we say - no one waits for any other season this way. I think it’s because our winters drag on soooooo much. And everyone knows January and February are the two most miserable months of the year, so by the time March promises to stay light beyond 5pm and maybe even shows us some sunshine, we are all so eager. The same applies for me and my wardrobe. My winter coats are BORING now; I don’t want to see the sight of them for a while. I am in the process of being surgically removed out of a turtleneck, and have an alarming number of sandals bookmarked in my Google Chrome. I am ready for some warmth, and a wardrobe refresh

So, armed with French Connection’s new spring collection, I am ready for some spring outfit inspo, which I hope will leave you guys feeling inspired too! Let’s break it down from the top; This shirt. Oh, this shirt. It shouldn’t be so good - it’s got ruffles, pleats, stripes… essentially it’s got it all going on. And it comes together to create this amazing piece that insists to be worn jacket-less to really show it off. I love the silhouette of it so much; the oversized fit perfectly counteracts the girly detailing. Also, please rejoice with me, because finally something has got me out of a knit/t-shirt tucked into high-waisted jeans. I needed this push into something new sooo badly.

Moving one step down; the jeans. I love jeans (SHOCK, I KNOW) and these ones are pretty amazing. Frayed hem? Check. Deconstructed without looking cheap? Check. High-waisted? Check. Light wash? Check! Frayed hem needs no explanation, but the deconstructed thing might do. I love the trend so much, but the high street hasn’t managed to get it quite right. I think it needs to be super subtle and not massively compromise the way the jeans sit down the leg - these ones hit the nail on the head! The light wash denim is also going to be my thaaaang for spring, so watch this space for more styling of these.

The accessories need a mention too. These shoes are a great alternative for those of you who find courts a nightmare to walk in. I am in that category, and I have a fair few pairs that sit gathering dust because I end up crawling home at the end of an evening as my feet can’t take it when I wear them. The way these come up higher on the foot means your foot is held in so much better in the toe box, and therefore easier to walk in too! The bag is amazing because in so many ways it’s kinda ugly - you all know how much I love things that are ugly in every way because they become completely fabulous. I love the thick strap on this, plus the boxy shape and the curved edges - ahhh it so shouldn’t work but it does and I love it. Finally, the gorgeous gold necklaces I have here. I went for two pieces that I could layer up - the choker is especially amazing. Chokers have been everywhere for ages and I haven’t yet dipped my toes into that world, but a chic gold one like this makes it feel wayyyy more ‘me’ too!