My Week on 35mm #8


Hello you lovely lot! How are you all today? I can't believe it's already Wednesday, can someone please slow time down a little bit? I am back today with the next film instalment, from a relatively uneventful week - just how I like them. I have had such a busy Summer, in the best possible way, and there is something about Autumn and Winter that just makes me want to hibernate. I am sure I am not the only one who feels like this, but I can feel myself slowly going into Winter mode (which mostly means eating lots of chocolate and being less productive). I have been looking out for any Winter scented candles (that aren't overly sweet, which seems to be kinda tricky), and moving back to hot coffee rather than the endless iced lattes from over the Summer. 

I also wanted to apologise for the lack of video this Sunday. The one I had planned will be coming you way this coming Sunday instead. I promise when you see it you will understand why it's taken so long... and I also promise it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, my weekly vlog is live today, and I have a Testing Basics coming your way on Friday as a little extra... I think if you take a good look through these photos you can probably guess what this next one will be as well! 

Any finally, the group of boys Harry is with in the photos here... that's his band! They're called The Bright Black and Harry is their new drummer. They are amaaaazing, please check them out here and let me know what you think.

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A Big Hug

What do you think to yourself on a rainy and grey Sunday morning when you're getting dressed? You think, what can I wear that feels the most like I am still in bed, what could I put on that would essentially feel like wearing a big old hug. And this jacket is just that, one very very beautiful big old hug! It's from Charlie May, who's blog I have read for a long time, and whose clothing line I have coveted for a long time too - so I finally took the plunge and purchased this gorgeous jacket! I am so glad I did as it is just beautiful - perfectly cosy and also looks so so good. I wore it on Sunday morning with my Levi's 501s and the Uterqüe loafers I haven't worn since the Testing Basics they featured in.  I really loved this look, it felt like the first outfit I have really loved in a while, which leads me onto something I wanted to discuss a little... the giant creative rut I feel like I am in at the moment. I am so stuck with what I want to do. I love sharing my outfits with you guys but I am desperate for a way to spice this up a little, whether that be photography style, locations, a topic to discuss in each post. Just something to get those creative juices flowing! I think the issue is that I have a very specific style of image and fashion that inspires me. I love street style so much, and the minimal looks with denim that I feel like I could wear right now always inspire me far more than anything else. I always aim to emanate that with my own images, and I always will focus on that, but I am itching to inject something new. 

The Week in Film series really inspired me, and I still love it so much, it's definitely going to be sticking around here - but I would love another aspect that feels 'new'. I just haven't quite decided what that might be just yet, but I will keep you posted on that thought. Blimey, this blog post has been one GIANT brain dump on you all! I am basically just trying to let you know that hopefully something new will be coming soon... if I ever manage to decide what that might be! 


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New Additions


Hello you lovely bunch, I hope you are all well today and had a wonderful weekend! I am here today to share an outfit from last week that I was particularly fond of. That was mostly down to two items I am currently crazy about; these Waven jeans, and this duster from Thoreau. The jeans are their 'straight leg' fit and I love them so much. They are so flattering and also very comfortable - I am wearing them right now and I have had two slices of Banoffee pie and can confirm they are still feeling comfortable. What a winner! I always have a soft spot for light wash denim with an all black look, and this duster jacket seemed to be the perfect finishing touch to this look. 

It's from Thoreau, a brand new brand that I am definitely going to be keeping my eye on - they have some incredible pieces! It's not available just yet, but I wanted to share this duster with you ASAP as  a little teaser. I love everything about it, but especially the longer length and the split sides. It gives it such a lovely movement and all of the effortlessly chic vibes I could ever wish for. I am very excited to see what is next for Thoreau, I have a sneaky feeling it will all be rather fabulous! 


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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I cannot tell you the joy I feel titling a blog post 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. Anyone who watches my vlogs will know I am obsessed with all things Buffy, so when I saw this t-shirt in Seattle I practically sprinted to the till (with heels and leather coat on, stake in hand, Buffy style). I am using all the will in the world right now to not go off on a huge tangent about how much I love Buffy and am totally team Spike over Angel and know the words to all the songs from Once More With Feeling and... well, I could go on all day. But let's talk about this outfit instead. I was desperate to wear my Buffy t-shirt for LFW too, and built this look around that. I also wanted to share the latest way I have been wearing these Miu Miu shoes, which is with both sets of ribbons. They work really well with jeans like this too (I'll make sure to get a post up of that soon), I think it creates a better balance and makes the ribbons seem a little thicker which is way more flattering too. These shoes really came into their own for LFW too when the ability to make a statement while being comfortable could not be more important. This blazer is a new addition from a recent Zalando order that I have been wearing almost daily since I got it. I feel my love for blazers in this colour can never ever wane, as I just wear them to death! This one is ticking all the boxes to become my favourite one too; from the length of the lapel, I am loving everything about it. 

I was also wearing my PANDORA pieces as this was my look for the event I hosted with them and Tumblr on Saturday. I know I keep going on about how amazing it was, but I really cannot get over it!! These pieces have become ones I reach for everyday now too, the bracelets in particular as they look as incredible on their own as they do with my watch. Overall, the look was perfect for a day on my feet, and the post I wrote about the little statements brought in by my jewellery seems relevant again here. I am looking back on that post and thinking about how wise I am, and I have been feeling extra wise this week as I have a wisdom tooth coming through too. So much wisdom right now!


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