LA Redoute in Paris

This post is sponsored by La Redoute

Boooo today is my last Paris post!! At least we are ending on a high, with this insane coat. I wore this SO MUCH while in Paris, and I feel that it helped me feel as Parisian as possible. It seems counter-intuitive to be buying coats now, when are moving into Spring and every part of my being is desperate to ditch coats and jackets all together. But, the reality is we've April showers to come yet and then a few months worth of complaining about the British Summertime, so a new coat is actually more than justified. Especially one that looks as good as this one; I got so many compliments on this in Paris! 

Can you believe this is the second post where I am not wearing jeans?! This is nothing short of a miracle. These cropped trousers have been in my wardrobe for a while now, they're some of my favourite tailored trousers due to that subtle kick flare that makes them look amazing with boots. For the top half I have on this extra soft and gorgeous knit which was a godsend as Paris was actually pretty miserable weather-wise. With my Gucci bag cross body and Spirit boots on, this is one of my favourite minimal looks I have worn in a while. 

I often sing La Redoute's praises, but they are one of my all time favourite online stores. There are so so many amazing pieces to be found on there. It does take a little bit of searching as the selection is so vast, but when you find the best pieces it's completely worth it. Items like my cashmere knit, frayed hem jeans and now this jacket are some of my ultimate wardrobe essentials. Also, I know a major part of this is the fact this was actually shot in Paris, how doesn't this whole thing feel extra Parisian?! 

TROUSERS: c/o LA REDOUTE (cureently on sale for £17!!!) | KNIT: c/o LA REDOUTE | JACKET: c/o LA REDOUTE | BOOTS: c/o DEAR FRANCES | BAG: GUCCI 

Something's Gotta Give

Thank God I finally have a post for you where I am not wearing jeans. In fact, I am not wearing anything similar to what you've seen before. Remember when I shared some inspo, and pink was right at the top of there? Well, I went into Urban Outfitters the other day to pick up a Breton t-shirt, saw these, and bought them without even trying them on. That isn't something I ever ever do, but it was one of those "OMG these are perfect" moments and I had to have them. They fit like a dream (I went for a waist 28, they're quite small fitting), super tight on the waist and then down into a straight leg. They're a very heavy material which helps for the structure, but also makes them a nightmare to iron. 

Pink and Red is the colour combination of the season, so I went for that with my red Gucci loafers. They're sort of a brushed tone, and not super vibrant, so a good way for me to try out this colour combo without it feeling to bright. I am really really loving how they go together, I now want to red heels to wear with these trousers (queue hunt for red heels). Sticking to my red colour palette, my Celine leather jacket came out too. Having spent so much time in leather jackets recently I had forgotten about how amazing this one is. The feel and luxury of it trumps the Acne one by a long way. 

As my most recent 'What I Wore This Month' video showed, I have been relying on my fail safe combinations a little too much recently, so it felt so good to wear something that felt different. The issue has partly has been down to how busy I have found myself the past month or so, I think we all get dressed into our most comfortable looks when we're stressed and busy! That's all well and good for a little bit, but when your job revolves around creating outfits and feeling inspired, then it isn't very sustainable. Which leads me into my next point... 

Whenever anyone asks me about starting and growing a blog I always say the main thing to do is regularly create content. Content is what makes people come back, and above all else creating content is always my biggest priority. Making sure it's what you guys request, that nothing comes between creating that content and making sure it's there and ready at the same time everyday. Recently I have been the busiest I ever been, and also the most stressed. January was pleasantly quiet, and it gave me chance to sit back and improve on my content, rather than create what was quickest. I have been trying to maintain that ever since, even though things get busier. I don't want the quality of the content to be sacrificed at these busy times, which is why I am having a 'something's gotta give' moment. 

I imagine most of you know what my blog schedule is; a new post at 8am Monday through Friday, nothing on Saturday and I share my video on a Sunday. Last week I didn't do a blog post on a Thursday, and the difference it made was huge. Most posts take around 4-5 hours to make; from the outfit planning, shooting, editing, film developing (where relevant), writing and then adding in the links. Freeing up that time in the week meant I actually felt a little less rushed and not so overwhelmed. So, for now, I am going to make a habit of this, and I hope you guys don't mind too much. 

My Wednesday film posts are usually my favourite each week, these ones take even longer than the others so it makes sense for them to have a little breathing room and not be followed up by new content the next day. And I promise to make my Friday posts worth the day in between. I cannot tell you all how much I love creating content; it's always my priority and nothing comes between me and that content. I turn down trips if I think it's going to make me behind on content, and work every weekend. Of course it never ever feels like work because I love it, but these past few weeks I've felt like a little extra time would be very welcome. If and when things quieten down, I will be back with five posts a week of course! But, for the foreseeable future, lets work with the four. I always want to improve, push myself, make you guys feel the time you give to me and my blog is worthwhile. So I hope to make up for the missing post by improving the rest! 


My Dream Vintage Jacket


This post is sponsored by Vestiarire Collective. 


It's no surprise that I love a blazer. They will always be one of my wardrobe essentials, and are key in lifting up any super casual outfit. Finding the right one can be hard, which is why you see the same ones over and over again on here. When you find a style that works perfectly for you, you wear it forever! I struggle to find them for so many reasons; I love longline, and the high street doesn't always do that well. I like a heavy fabric that maintains it's structure, and more than anything, I love a tweed/herringbone style print. That latter point has been impossible to find for me! Despite half of my Instagram and nearly every girl on Pinterest wearing one, I just could not find the right one. 

So, I gave up on looking for something new, and focused my attention to vintage. I am not much of a vintage shopper. I really do think it's a skill, being able to trawl through the over filled racks and finding a gem. I have neither the skill or patience, so despite heading in to find Levi's 501s (I still usually fail at that too), the selection of vintage in my wardrobe is minimal.

I have shopped on Vestiaire Collective before (my Celine leather jacket was bought on there), but I had never really delved into their incredible vintage section. It really is amazing; they've got clothes, bags, shoes, accessories - and its wayyy more manageable than going in to a shop (which also usually smell a bit funny). I began my search by instantly filtering things down. These are all one off items, so falling in love with a size 6 blazer I would never fit into was only going to end in tears. There is a hugeee selection and all the the most amazing prices too, this one was £380 and is perfect condition.

I feel like this blazer was made for me, it's hands down the best fitting one I have. Certain design elements do make it feel like a vintage piece; the short lapel, shaped waist and brown leather buttons. But overall it feels like something you would see in the shops today. It's the most gorgeous soft woollen fabric, with velvet detailing on the collar and two zipped pockets. Everything about it is stunning, I can't tell you all how happy I am with this piece! 

This is my outfit from the first time wearing the blazer. My vintage 501s, an amazing new shirt from ASOS, and my incredible Jil Sander flats. Super simple and comfortable in Paris. And of course the new Gucci bag!! The bamboo handle is actually taken from Gucci's vintage archives, so Vestiaire have lots of this style of bag at incredible prices. I feel like the bag ties the outfit together really nicely, sticking with vintage inspired pieced that don't look typically vintage - does that make any sense?! 

I have linked loads of other gorgeous vintage blazers below, but my biggest tips are; look for the product measurements. Vintage sizing can be hard, so if the seller is sharing the sizing the label states, it might not fit as you would normally expect that size too. Lots of items have specific measurements, so make use of that. If the items are marked 'Ready To Ship' it means it has already been authenticated in Paris, so will ship straight to you a lot faster. It will take a little longer otherwise, as the seller has to send to Paris first, and then it comes to you from there. It means you know you're getting something authentic, but do bare in mind it can take a few days.