Looking Good. Feeling Gorgeous!

I love it when I have a new item in my wardrobe that kick starts a tonne of inspiration - something I feel like I need to go and shoot right away, and share with you all as soon as I possibly can. The item in question is of course this amazing t-shirt. I bought it off Matches last week (guys, they do 90 minute delivery in London, I sort of wish I didn't know about this), and am so glad I got it. It feels like a slightly different piece to me, a little tongue in cheek with the slogan and I am not usually the biggest fan of a slogan t-shirt. Maybe it's this growing interest in different typographies, of the fact a white long sleeve tee feels like a missing component in my wardrobe, but there was something about this which made me want to impulse buy it - which is exactly what I did. An hour a later it was at my door, and I wore it the next day! 

Styling wise, this is nothing new from me. Sorry about that guys - this Jigsaw longline jacket I have had for ages but haven't worn in a while now. My Topshop jeans that I can't say the same for because I am wearing these all the bloody time. Same goes for the Church's boots, I will endlessly recommend these now - comfiest and best flat boots I have ever owned, would buy again in a heartbeat! My latest trick is to also take my & Other Stories faux fur coat out with me everywhere to throw on over a lighter jacket - I am trying not to always photograph it because otherwise it would be overkill of the faux fur coat, but I wanted you all to know I am seriously loving that piece too. 


T-SHIRT: BLOUSE | JEANS: TOPSHOP (sold out now, but similar linked here) | BOOTS: CHURCH'S | JACKET: JIGSAW

Thanks Mum for taking these photos! 

New Blog Updates

Happy Friday guys, and welcome to a slightly revamped Shot From The Street. I last updated my blog last Christmas, so a year on felt like a good time to refresh things a little bit. My love for minimal blog designs always limits just how much change you will ever see on here, therefore much has stayed the same. The big thing I pondered over was the introduction of a 'read more' feature. I feel my blog posts are getting bigger and bigger, and was conscious of how just how much content was sitting on the home page and how long it could take to load. But after asking you guys on Instagram what you preferred and getting an almost 50/50 response, I stuck with my own personal preference - which is to endlessly scroll. I personally can loose hours to a blog I can scroll through, speeding up through the posts that interest me less and slowing down for the ones that draw me in. So, endlessly scroll we shall all stick with. 

The image header on my previous design was something I loved, so I wanted to stick with that in some way - but this time it's moved to the post titles on the homepage. I mentioned briefly last year that I have been become increasingly interested in typography - the way it can inflect a certain mood, and change an aesthetic. Stick the Celine logo over any image and it will instantly change the way you perceive it, and it's something I want to experiment more with in my own content, with typography and my own handwriting. So titles of blog posts felt like a good place to start with that! 

I promise to start regularly updating the 'Wish List' section, with things I am lusting over and things in my wardrobe already. And I also promise to keep the 'Shop My Looks' section up to date with as many outfits as possible. These are aspects I have always neglected in favour of getting too wrapped up in the creative side of things - but I promise to make a change with that! 



I want to be able to put more and more into my blog posts too. I have loved the grid layout of Tumblr, and it's something I want to introduce more in here too - especially with my film posts which are often the longest. It's also a good way for me to include full length images that sit a little smaller on the page so you can see a full outfit without having to scroll up and down, without me having to sacrifice the huge images I love.

This will always be a fashion blog, there is nothing that interests me more and I always want to share my outfits with all you guys. But, working on my 35mm posts for the past 18 months has brought a lifestyle aspect into this. I want to increase that a little more in here through videos within the posts too. Whether it be a short clip filmed of my outfit so you can see how the pieces move or maybe a funny moment I capture for Instagram stories while I am shooting (there are many of those lurking on my phone already). I hope this will be an aspect I can really run with too, something which will help me share the clothes with you even more, and also add a little bit of dimension to these posey blog posts. 

I also want to incorporate different types of images in my blog posts, mixing digital, film, video and polaroid all in one sometimes. Maybe to share some of the photos I get on my phone when I am out and about of things that inspire me, that usually don't get shared anywhere. To make this space feel more like a diary, documenting things from the inspiration to the final blog post. 

For me, a blog design should always be secondary to the content. I always want that to stand out above all else, not hide behind a blog layout. As I said, this is and always will be a fashion blog, but I want it to share my style and how that fits into my life and where my life is at.

 If there is anything you think I am missing from my blog at the moment then always let me know - the one thing still on my mind is a way to get some music recommendations on here too as you all ask me so many questions about the music I am listening too!