My Week on 35mm - The 'Me' Edition
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Social Media Silver Linings

I am writing this post on the flight back home from Athens feeling like having a little bit of a brain dump, so brace yourself. These photos are some Dean and I shot a while back and I have been sitting on them for a while now. Those of you who watch my vlogs will know I was trying my hand at drawing again recently, and had done a pencil drawing of one of these images which I had intended to share. But, after a lot of deliberating, I decided it wasn't quite at the level I hoped for, but I will keep working on it and I would love to find a way to incorporate drawing into my blog in the future. Anyway (told you this was going to be a brain dump of a post), these are from a few weeks ago and are the last of the old(er) photos I have before kicking off with my Athens content tomorrow (very excited!!!). 

But, until them, something I have been thinking about it how much how much content we consume in a day and how this influences what we do/don’t like. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many photos I see on a daily basis. From my own photos, to scrolling on Instagram every 15 mins (addicted, not proud of it), my recent and ever growing tumblr obsession, it’s literally endless. I don’t think anyone is immune to the negative effects this can have on your self esteem, and while I am generally thick skinned and not one to compare myself, it can get on top of me at times. But, instead of dwelling on the bad side of things, let’s talk to the good stuff. I think seeing this much content really gives you a chance to fully understand and realise what it is you like. We have so much choice out there we really can afford to be picky, and I think we all are. Not double tapping, or even pausing, on everything we see - something really has to be special to catch our eyes. 

Whilst here is definitely some issues within that, I think the good bit is how much we can really learn to know what we like. I always try and really think what makes me stop on a photo. 9 times out of 10 nowadays it is a film photo, and I have reflected that into my own work by making film the biggest medium I work on. When it comes to outfits, it’ll usually be an androgynous look. I consistently love two piece suits worn with nothing on underneath, or oversized trousers and a skinny fitting top, and it goes without saying endless denim and styling inspiration for jeans. Again, this is reflected in my style. And seeing so much content helps me refine what I’m doing, decide what I do and also don’t like.  

The endless scrolling we all do has become such a part of our lives now that I am determined to see the positives where possible, and surely this has to be one. How lucky to have so much creative work literally at our fingertips, so many different styles, voices, bodies, all of these things that we can reflect into our own style and aesthetic. There is so much inspiration out there, and while I have been cringing at myself ever since I downloaded that gods awful app that tells you how much time you spend on your phone, the content that lies within my smashed up iPhone is what keeps me wanting to pick it up all the time - maybe that isn't the worst thing in the world (just don't do it at the dinner table).