Who remembers this vintage blazer I bought back when I lived in Manchester? I think I got it for like £20 or something and I remember feeling unsure about it because of how large the shoulders are, and so many of you commented on YouTube that it would be something I would end up wearing so much for many years to come - well, you were all right! Anyway, this whole thought process has spurred me to have a huge wardrobe clear out and try on every piece I own - ambitious, I know. I have been thinking of how to document it, I will definitely be doing a series on YouTube (starting Wednesday), but I want to share things on here too. I am thinking keeping this simple, lets not make this any more ambitions than it already is, but maybe just a simple mirror selfie of my Top 5 favourite pieces from each category in my wardrobe (i.e coat, knits, denim, etc). What do you think? I felt this was a great start to the New Year and my wardrobe going forward, also it’s becoming a space issue in my new flat that I really want to keep on top of and if I tie those sort of jobs into a work project it motivates me so much more! I am by no means working towards a capsule wardrobe, I don’t think that would suit me at all in terms of the way fashion makes me happy, not that I need excessive amounts, I just think to limit myself too much would make me feel uninspired. Rather, this will be a rediscovery of my own wardrobe. Also a way to work out what I might want to introduce more into things, to continue shopping more thoughtfully in 2019 without buying into excess.


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