Copenhagen Fashion Week - I think this is my fifth time going to Copenhagen for fashion week. I am a self-confessed fair weather fashion weeker. The February stint in Copenhagen is just too cold, but the city is amazing in the summertime. Although we had some rain, I still hold the same opinion of how much I love this city in the Summer. However, my love for fashion week is ever dwindling. Copenhagen always felt a little untouched form the circus-like performance of the rest, but this season it sort of lost that magic. That aside, to get to see the familiar faces of so many people I only seem to bump into when I am there, makes it all well worth it. That, along with the Cecile Bahsnen show that you will have likely seen on Instagram, which was just so beautiful to watch. After all the fashion week fuss, I also had a day solo in Copenhagen. I realised I have never been to Copenhagen aside from on work trips, so it was amazing to have the time to walk around and explore on my own. It cemented my love for the city even more, and thankfully the spectacle of Fashion Week cannot dampen that love! 

And now onto the outfits! It's funny how fashion week can make you doubt every sartorial decision you've ever made. I have now learnt to just dress like me, in my everyday looks, which I know always make me feel good and keep me away from the realms of having some more of existential fashion crisis! For the first evening I wore my Toteme knit with APC mens jeans (photo here), and then the look above for the second evening. I was sent this shirt by By Malene Birger to wear, it's sort of like two shirts in one and is very cool! I styled it with an Everlane knit over my shoulders, my Filipa K shorts underneath, and my Arket strappy sandals. An easy evening look and I loved it! 

Another outfit, this time a daytime ensemble. My Chloe black trousers are still one of the best pieces in my wardrobe EVER. I always feel amazing in them, so they're a great piece for me to fall back on when I am know I need to wear something I feel confident in. I tucked in my Uniqlo linen shirt (testing basics WINNERRR), and layered my & Other Stories cardigan over the top too. Finished off with my trusty Chanel belt, my Bottega bag and these Muji trainers, I really loved this outfit! 

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