This post is a letter to one of my favourite places in the world; Los Angeles. This is my sixth time visiting there, and my love for it isn't waning at all. Not to mention the dose of sunshine in October, but this city never fails to inspire and motivate me. Every visit has been of some significance in my life; trips taken with a broken heart, on a career high, with the most important people in my life. This visit was a girls trip with Lindsey, who whisked me away after a particularly rough few weeks at home. I couldn't be more grateful for her, or the fact that is an option in my life

I hope these photos can convey what the trip was. Somewhat calmer than usual, more time spent being still rather than rushing around. More selective in how we spent our the time, the things we saw and did, the places we ate. I think these are some of my favourite LA photos to date. All shot on my Contax G2 on a 90mm and 35mm lens. 

I didn't want to spend too long talking about outfits here because it doesn't seem like the right season to be banging on about tank tops. I mostly packed all my favourite pieces from the past few summers. My linen vintage Reformation trousers I bought in LA last summer, THE Reformation silk skirt which has been worn within an inch of it's life. A host of my favourite t-shirts and some Dear Frances slides I have worn a lot over summer but not shared too much online. 

I loved being able to have one more week of summer outfits, as I am back in London now writing this in a cashmere jumper. 

We stayed at the Avalon Hotel. It's the third time I have stayed there and I always love it. It's right in the middle of Beverly Hills, and has a lovely pool and nice spacious rooms. I have so many amazing memories in this hotel already, and there is something very nice (not in a limiting way) to return to places you have stayed before. They do a particular smoothie which is so nostalgic to me, and I love having those feelings and a sense of routine while in a foreign city. 

Some of my other favourite spots are: 

The Now for a massage 

Jon & Vinny's for brunch and/or pizza 

Backyard Bowls for açai 

Ghelinas for dinner 

Rose Cafe for dinner and lunch 

Vintage Reformation on Melrose 

Gracias Madre for margaritas 

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