Kicking off the Maldives content with some photos I love that Linds and I shot of eachother in the sea. I have never, ever experienced the sea like this before. The warmest, clearest waters I have ever been in. There are no sharp breaths as you get in, no statements of “it’s fine once you’re in!”, just like stepping into an ocean sized bath, complete with lots of fish.

I will share so much more about my experience with paradise in my next post with all of the images, but I think the smiles on our faces in these photos sum it all up pretty well. It was pure bliss to be in the sunshine with my best friend, and I have come back to London with a serious crash after this little taste of heaven!! I adore everything about these photos, how carefree they feel and the memory they hold. It took us literally five minutes to shoot this, and these photos really do capture an incredibly happy moment in time. 

I am wearing bikini from Solid and Striped (gift), and RayBan sunglasses (gift)

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