Some photos from London last week, I tried to make sure I had my Contax over my shoulder most days when I was out and about. Some days have actually been pretty sunny, and yet the overwhelming feel of these photos seems to be grey!! Not sure how that happened, as it's been a pretty Spring-like January. Anyway, between home, Soho, Broadway Market and Shoreditch, I hope you enjoy some photos of my week. Here is a song to accompany you too: You, by Larry Lovestein and the Velvet Revival

I feel like I have spent so much time in London recently, which has been amazing. It's allowed my weekends to become really leisurely because I am actually getting all my work done in the week, and also socialising so much in the week that one day per weekend I am pretty much left to my own devices. I am loving it, I am loving walking around where I live and running errands and having hours ahead of me to read. It feels like a good balance at the moment. 

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