I have a few more looks from the studio day Isaac and I had to share with you! These two both featuring my beloved Uniqlo grey knit, and Levi's Column jeans. The Unqilo knit needs to introduction, I have spent and alarming amount of time in the navy blue one I have, and so it only seemed right to introduce one in another colour. Also in a men's XL, it has come back up north with me in my very very limited pandemic wardrobe. But as we can see here, it can be worn both as a knit AND a scarf so it's already ticking boxes in the world of versatility. The Levi's jeans have also come home with me (I feel like this has been a curation of the true wardrobe heroes), and I am still loving the fit and shape of them so much. 

The t-shirt is the great Gap one I shared with you last week (also has come home with me, I sense a theme here). One look I went with my Proenzer shoes, and another these gorgeous Manolo's which I don't think I have shared with you yet! The brand VERY kindly gifted me them (pinch me) and I haven't had much chance to wear them yet due to them being very fancaayyy. They are so so classy though, I know I will have them in my wardrobe for years to come. They're so timeless too!! I can't comment on comfort on them just yet as I haven't worn them for more then a few steps at a time


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