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Today is the last of all my LA content. I worked a lot while I was there, despite my intention for it to be a holiday, but I am glad that I did because I have been able to share some images and posts I am really, really proud of.

 I have mentioned this already but I was flown out to LA with & Other Stories to visit their LA Atelier - it’ll be no surprise to you all that I didn't need to think twice about that, they are possibly my all time favourite high street brand. I decided to extend my stay five more nights, totally in eight nights on my own in LA, which admittedly did feel like a longtime while I was there. 

The last time I went there, it was a little bit of a soul search trip (without sounding dramatic with that one!) I booked it really last minute in between my move from Manchester to London. I was in the midst of coming to terms with the idea of living alone, and going out there by myself and staying alone in an Air B&B was like a little tester to see how I might find that. Since my first trip there I have been hugely drawn in by LA, I loved it more than I expected and instantly felt like it was place I could live (and of course this whole thing has been documented on here too, this post here, and this one). During my solo trip there, I didn’t want to leave one bit. I spent a lot of time walking, working and thinking things over and trying to imagine what my life was going to be like once I had moved and started afresh. That’s overwhelming, to say the least. I dreaded going back home to the task of moving to London, and that feeling made LA feel all the more appealing as a place to escape too. 



This time around I felt very differently about it. Which is by no means a bad thing, it was actually something I really needed. I deliberately chose to stay in the same Air B&B so I could really draw comparisons on how I had felt between each trip (for reference, the first time I went there alone was the end of June, so four months earlier). But this time, rather than going back to a transient state that I wanted to escape from, I was going back to a life I really enjoy and really missed. That feeling of actually wanting to go back home was such a welcome one, and really served to demonstrate just how much has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I still love LA, I still would love to live there at some point, but I don’t hold in quite the same magical regard as I did last time, or the first time I ever visited. 

Shooting in this gorgeous home was a treat again. The images I shared from here last time are still from the most read blog post I have ever shared, when I updated you guys on what was going on with my life. Looking back at those from these, while I can’t help but feel like I had better hair then, I also feel like a very different person in some ways. Definitely someone who is more confident, and sure in my decisions and more motivated with my work than ever. It amazes me how much changes in the space of a few months!

That post and this one sit either side of what has been an amazing Summer. I sometimes go through the videos I have saved on my phone and laugh and marvel at every moment on there; all the travel, the work I have been proud of, the friends in my life. Being back in LA really gave me chance to think about those things too, and to appreciate them all. And I still feel completely the same about the importance of travelling alone - it can be difficult and at times lonely, but it does so much good for you that those moments are soon forgotten. 


Photos by Scott Leon. 

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