The Humble King


Firstly, huge thank you for all the lovely Birthday messages on Wednesday! You guys will see more of it next week in my week on film and vlog, but for the most part I spent the day with Mum and friends and generally not thinking about work. It was a lovely day and I am writing this while nursing a hangover that has been getting gradually worse and worse throughout the day. Pray for me, it's only 3:30 as I write this and I am not sure how much more I can take! 

This outfit is another from LA last week. Hanging out on a Melrose street corner in a new items I really want to share with you, and some photos I love. I know I say that all the time, but film photos always get me, and look at that gloomy sky. I bloody love it. And the sky is not all I am loving here, these jeans and this t-shirt are both new items with me, and I wanted to share them with you guys because I am very into them both (I wore the t-shirt for my birthday evening too). I bought it from Fred Segal in LA, a shop I had never ever been to before. It's well worth the visit, although be prepared for your bank card to take a beating. I wasn't planning on buying anything but saw this and loved it... despite a ridiculous price tag of over $100!!! I don't recommend spending that much on a t-shirt but I really, really loved it and couldn't resist. Shockingly I am not regretting it now either - I love the text on it (that's a lie, I haven't yet read the whole paragraph, I mean how short can your attention span be?!), it's a really thick cotton and a great boxy fit (it's actually men's, which helps with that). 


I wore it a few times in LA because, as we know, when I like something I become surgically attached to it for a while. For this look I went with something I can easily recreate at home and adapt for colder weather. These jeans are my beloved & Other Stories straight leg jeans in a darker wash. They are without a doubt some of the best jeans you can get on the high street, and I am obsessed with this pair as much as I am with the others. They fit true to size, wash well, but the hem does twist a little overtime. However for the price, they are incredible and I always get complimented on them. 

I cinched them in with this belt which is also from & Other Stories, and I have had it for ages. I actually got a new one the other day (this one here), which I love just as much. I am not a fan of belts with branding all of them - the Gucci ones make me think "you're tacky and I hate you" (School of Rock reference) every time I see them, they're just not for me. Plain black leather ones are ideal, and the knot detail on this one makes it a little more interesting. Accessories are something I have been getting more and more into recently, and I have had some necklaces and rings on a daily rotation that are worth mentioning here too. 


I actually haven't taken my Astley Clarke ring off since I got it, it's just that thin diamond zig-zag band you can see in the above image. It's so subtle I love it, yet also so glamorous because it's full of sparkle. I sleep, shower, eat, do everything in it, and I always notice people looking at it when I meet them. If you are looking to treat anyone to jewellery this Christmas (sorry to mention the C word, I know it's early still), then something like this would be perfect because it's a little different and therefore interesting, while still being classic and easy to wear. 

The necklace I have on is from Lucy Williams x Missoma latest collection.  You all know I love Lucy's blog, and this collection she has done with Missoma is so amazing. I have been wearing this almost everyday since I got it, it's great with plain t-shirts and jeans, and other basic combinations that need spicing up a little from time to time. It also has three different fastening points so you can wear it at varying lengths, I love that. 

So that's it for this look, it's definitely a recent favourite of mine and I felt so good in it when I wore it. I would wear this exact combination at home but swap out the slides for some Dear Frances Spirit boots, and add my long & Other Stories camel coat and I would be good to go! 



Photos by Scott Leon. 

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