DIY Colour T-Shirt




Have you guys noticed the hues of pink which have been sneaking their way into my wardrobe? I am just so into it at the moment, which is quite unusual for me but I am just going with it! 

The most recent hint of pink has been courtesy of Jigsaw, who sent me through a very sweet package containing two things; a plain white t-shirt, and some all natural dye.. and it was pink dye!!! So I just had to make the most of this and get my DIY on. Following some inspiration from Audrey Louise Reynolds (who has collaborated with Jigsaw on this project), I got straight into it. Despite Harry's protests that I should do a tie dye, I thought I would ease myself into this with just going for an all over colour.. and because I actually wanted to wear the t-shirt. While I may be into pink at the moment, pink tie dye would most definitely be a step too far. 




So this dye is all natural goodness, not a chemical in sight! Which definitely made me feel a bit better in my DIY venture - I am very clumsy and there was a good 80% chance some of this would end up in my eye or something like that. Thankfully I got through the whole thing without incident, as it was super simple. 

I just poured this into a big pot of boiling water, and then popped the t-shirt in there and left it for a little while to cook away. It honestly could not have been easier - I just kept an eye on it and took it out when I felt it was dark enough (baring in mind when you wring it out you loose a lot of the colour).

After that you just hand wash the t-shirt to get out any excess dye before letting it dry. Harry and I have a heated drying rack so we used that as opposed to a tumble dryer. 



SO once my t-shirt was ready it was this lovely light salmon-pink colour. I really love how it looks, and I honestly would never have bought an item in this colour - but now I definitely would! The t-shirt didn't turn out to be a completely flat colour which I actually didn't mind at all. 

I teamed the t-shirt with one of my current go-to looks, which I would normally wearing with a dark knit of some sort. I think one of the main reasons I am loving a bit of colour so much is because I am so bored of wearing the same items all the time. I am totally ready for the temperatures to pick up a little but they seem determined not too!! So for the meantime, while I can't get some different outfits going on, I can update my old favourites with a touch of colour.