My Week on 35mm #18

I cannot believe how long I have been creating these film posts for. I vowed to start doing them weekly after coming back home from Italy last Summer, and I haven't missed a single week since. These posts are always amongst my favourite each week, and I still love developing my film every Monday/Tuesday and reliving what I did the week before. What I don't love is the lack of improvement since I began. When you create something so often, it can be hard to step back and be critical of it. It was something I managed to do over Christmas, when I realised that while I still love these posts, they haven't improved in the past six months. Partly it's because there is always a limit on the time I can dedicate to them - I shoot on the go throughout the week, and I want them to be natural images shot in my real environment. It's also because my beloved Olympus Mju-II has been through the wars a little after being dropped quite a few times. The photos tend to be in focus less frequently, and there are more and more I have to discard from each roll of film. So, I am on the hunt for a film camera upgrade, and am brainstorming simple ways to improve these photos. I will let you all know what camera I go for once I track it down, but hopefully in the coming weeks we can see an improvement with these posts that have become such a huge part of my blog!