Killer Boots


I got these insane Balenciaga boots in the January sales, and you guys have been loving them over on Instagram. I wore them on New Years Eve, and then to shoot this look. Yes, they take about 10 minutes to get on and off and are by no means the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, but they are incredible. They're literally like a court shoe (an especially vice like, toe pinching one) with a trouser leg attached to it, which also doesn't stay up on my legs that well. If you get to walking quickly (not likely in these heels), than the whole boot slowly slides to your knees. So as you can see, I am full of praises for them, but they are 100% one of those items that you just love no matter what. It's something that only ever happens to me with shoes, you fall in love with a pair so much all practical thinking is forgotten. These are a pair I will only wear a handful of times a year, but will feel amazing every single time I do. I wouldn't have paid full price for them, but sometimes the sales can be the best time to make these not so sensible decisions - and I have no regrets.

This is actually the second time I have posed around my garden in a mini skirt, which is almost enough to say I am making this a regular thing. Most of the pieces in this look aren't available anymore and have been a part of my wardrobe for a while now, but I sort of wanted to show how you can sometimes make not-so-sensible shoe purchases that will still fit surprisingly well into your wardrobe. Also this is my perfect night out look at the moment - I am so into short skirts/dresses with boots and a giant blazer. Nothing too new from me, that mix of feminine and masculine is super sexy, and it's a simple formula I go back to a lot and just add new pieces into. Come Spring I will ditch the blazers and go for oversized shirt dresses and tea dresses, and denim mini skirts with plain white t-shirts. 


BOOTS: BALENCIAGA (more sale options here) | SKIRT: & OTHER STORIES | BLAZER: & OTHER STORIES (old, but I am obsessed with this one) | KNIT: MINIMUM (SIMILAR HERE)