Holiday Outfits | No Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are undoubtedly an essential in most Summer wardrobes. It makes perfect sense to transfer our year round favourites, jeans, into a shorter and sexier version - which is just as versatile and easy to style as the full legged alternative. That being said, they don't perform best in hot climates. Without being too over the top with TMI, but they give me the sweatiest bum ever. I do hope it isn't just me, but I swear the fact they're denim makes me wayyyy to hot, regardless of the length. 

One day of our holiday we decided to explore new parts of Southern Italy. We have been coming to Tropea for years, but as we go to visit my Uncle, we don't tend to explore any of the surrounding areas too much. So this time, we decided to take the 1hr train journey to Scilla, a beautiful fishing town packed with as much Italian charm as Tropea. The thought of getting a train and then walking about all day in denim shorts is making me feel sweaty as a write this... so I went for an alternative. These gorgeous & Other Stories shorts I picked up a couple of weeks ago. Perfect light weight material, and just the right balance between loose fitting and tailored, these kept any sweaty bum problems at bay. I paired them with a light weight blouse from Urban Outfitters, and my gorgeoussss new slides from Dear Frances which are the most perfect shade of pink I have ever seen. 


P.S, you can also see all these pieces in action in my latest Come Shopping With Me video.