My Week on 35mm #4



The focus of this week was, as discussed yesterday, was a very wonderful wedding and a weekend spend in Llangollen (which was very very picturesque indeed!) As you guys will see in the vlog, the week started off kinda low before getting much more cheerful! Sometimes I hate sharing my grumpy days with you, when I edited the vlog I hated myself for being so miserable. But, as I have learnt more and more since vlogging daily, those days will always come along and life and work goes on regardless so I just get on with it. And part of just getting on with it, is sharing it with you guys! So anyway, what I am trying to say is I hope you don't mind the moody moments. Thankfully, the vlog ended with lots of laughing, which I feel (or hope!) makes up for it all anyways. 

So here we have lots of outfits, a very beautiful married couple, Harry looking seriously dapper, me looking moody (no change there) and proof my Loewe Barcelona bag has been getting a lot of use!! I just love it OH SO much! 

I hope you guys enjoy this, I don't need to mention again how much I am loving this new series, and this week's is one of my faves yet.