The Blogging Balance

Today I wanted to discuss a topic I very briefly touched on yesterday: the balance of new and old in my wardrobe. As a fashion blogger I have a few responsibilities to you guys; create content, regularly. Make it good to, hopefully good enough to inspire in some way. And to keep it relevant. A key part of all that is of course the clothes I wear, well, it's actually almost the whole part! Sharing what I've been buying, the pieces I love the most, the trends I dip my toe into. It all revolves around the clothes in my wardrobe.

Now, because of that, I of course have a lot of clothes. I buy lots of clothes, and am lucky enough to receive quite a bit for free too. But despite that, there are always many pieces you see on here time and time again. It's something I personally love in other bloggers. To feel and believe what their favourite items really are, and to feel increasingly tempted to buy those items myself the more I see them worn. No matter the size of my wardrobe versatility will always matter to me. At heart I am a very lazy dresser most days, so those staple items have the upmost importance to me. And while bloggers shouldn't necessary get stick for living "unrealistic" lives due to the sheer quantities of clothes (or beauty, or travel, depending on the blogger) sent their way, it is part and parcel of the job and serves a purpose to help us create content, it's naive to say that can continue being relatable all the time. And while not all bloggers need to be relatable at all, I love following the jet setting lives of other people, my own blog has always been more focused on a reliability with my readers. 

That's why I am constantly working on refining a balance. Showing you the new pieces that come my way, but always how they update the pieces you have seen many times before. Such as this Jigsaw blazer, which has been on this blog approx 2849281 times. So many of you have bought this blazer and love it too, and there is little more I can say to recommend it by now. You see the same rotation of handbags too - I would call my selection a "small" one because I, like many of you, love to watch the read blogs of girls who have many more than me. In reality my collection of 7 designers bags is by no means a small one, but it is small enough for me to really show you how I often I wear them all.

The main crux of this is also that as a blogger, I want you to be able to buy what I'm wearing. And an outfit full of last season pieces will serve a purpose to demonstrate my ongoing love for those purchases.... but where is the sense in recommending something you can't go and get yourself? There is little sense there, and generally it's best to keep "sold out, sorry!" Or "old" to a minimum. That's the professional side that goes into deciding my outfits, and while I always strive for an effortless style, this discussion goes to show the whole thing is far from effortless!