The Much Needed Refresh

So I was meant to be writing this post from my desk at home, but instead, I am in a hotel in Madrid. Our flight home got pushed back by a day due to a huge fiasco with EasyJet, so we have another day of Madrid to enjoy! But before we head out to fit in a little more exploring, I wanted to get this blog post written to share with you guys. 

Last week I was in a rut. I was beating myself up about my content, fed up with my images, my lacking video editing skills, just generally feeling like I was hitting a wall which I could not push through no matter how hard I worked. With any creative job, these moments come. When you look at your work and decide everything is rubbish and no longer good enough, and then feel like you are at a loss as to how to improve it. This was partly the motivation of booking a last minute trip away, for a content refresh. Just being in a different city, and in the sunshine, was what I needed to inspire my content again! We shot so many posts, I have so many looks I can't wait to share, so many corners of the city we loved. But as I am writing this on the last day of our trip... well I actually should have been home... I am still feeling restless about my work. 

The combination of keeping up with other people, feeling overwhelmed by just how much content there is out there, and constantly just about treading water with how much I tell myself I need to get through on any given day leaves me with little room to even know how to improve. It's frustrating, it puts me in a bad mood, it makes me less creative than ever... it's also an important part of knowing you care about your work too. I put so much pressure on myself to never ever be complacent with what I am doing, and so when I scroll down my blog and feel this isn't up to this high bar I have set for myself I really beat myself up. This post seems to have taken a turn down a 'woe is me' route, which is not my intention. As much as these moments get me down, I love the challenge of trying my hardest to turn the corner. 



Being in Madrid has made me feel like I have at least begun to turn this corner. Being able to wear the Summer clothes I have been itching to share was a lot of fun, and the city really is incredibly beautiful and very photogenic. I do feel full of ideas, but just unsure on how to execute them in a way where I will feel really proud of the work. I know I will get there, and you will all be on this journey with me! If any of you reading this are bloggers yourself then I imagine you will empathise with this a little bit too, as I think it's something we all must go through from time to time. 

The reason I am sharing this, and have shared these moments in the past, is because I always want you all to know that I will constantly strive to make better posts and videos. From actually taking the time to be more thorough with my proof reading (my worst skill in my job), to not just churning out the same content all the time. I always want to give every one of you a reason to come back to my blog, and to know that the content waiting here will be the best I can produce. It also helps me to get these thoughts out and onto paper (or keyboard) to stop them spinning around my head so endlessly! 

Hopefully this can start with all the Madrid content we have to get through in the next couple of weeks, and I have a couple more trips coming up too which will be a great opportunity to shoot some fun posts. But if there is ever a post you would like to see from me, a suggestion of something I could change, or something you don't like then please do feel free to comment or email me - it's always so helpful to have your feedback! 


So lets end things here with discussing my outfit! The skirt was a last minute pre holiday purchase, and I found it really flattering to wear. It does come up quite see through, so if you wanted to tuck in a top it needs to be a white one, and black knickers are definitely off the cards. A long jacket is a good way to combat that if you're a bit conscious of it, and it's also available in black which I am looking to purchase as well. The shoes I am wearing are my old Aquazzura pumps, which are my go-to when on a city break because I can walk in them for hours and hours. They are some of the best shoes I own, and if they ever re-release them in different colours I will be first in line to get another pair! My Gucci bag was the only one I brought with me for the trip, so you are about to see this in a loaddd of outfits. I bought it with Summer outfits in mind, and it's been serving me well already (you can read my full review on this bag here). 

SKIRT: TOPSHOP | SHOES: AQUAZZURA (similar here, i am toying with the idea of getting these but am unsure on the print) | T-SHIRT: COMME DES GARCON | DENIM JACKET: c/o TOPSHOP | BAG: GUCCI | SUNGLASSES: RAY BAN