Four Eyes In NYC


Ok so today I am sharing some of my fave photos EVER! There is no where in New York that doesn't photograph perfectly, and I have loved shooting here so, so much. I have also spent the past couple of days trying out some new Ace&Tate glasses. They are fast becoming one of my favourite sunglasses brand, they have really good designs that are the perfect statement for us minimal dressers. 

We had a belter of a day on Monday, the weather was gorgeous and perfect for getting out my new sunnies. If I do say so myself, I was loving my outfit. I picked this shirt up in Zara last week and it's like the dream holiday piece. Tucked into some culottes, and with my beloved Gucci loafers, I was feeling PDG (pretty damn good). 

We took these photos in Soho which is definitely my favourite part of New York to explore. All the best shops, all the best places to eat... it's just incredible! I am working on a city guide so I will have loads more info on that coming soon. 


SHIRT: ZARA (I got a size large in this so it would be extra oversized) | TROUSERS: c/o JIGSAW | BAG: LOEWE | SHOES: GUCCI 



Second pair of glasses from Ace&Tate are these optical frames. I am not a glasses wearer, but I have always wished I was... more for the fashion side of things rather than the actually not being able to see very well issue. So clear lenses are the perfect way to make my dreams come true. It was so weird wearing glasses, but so much fun and I love how different they make an outfit look. 

This was a super casual look too, again featuring my Gucci loafers. I wish I was sorry for featuring these so often, but honestly I am not, I just love them so much I have no regrets for them being in practically every other blog post! Obviously after coming number 1 in my jeans testing experiment the Topshop jeans had to come with me to New York, as did this top which I have been dying to wear ever since it arrived.

We took these photos right outside our apartment in the East Village, I could literally stop and take photos on every single street around here, I just love it all! 



SUNGLASSES c/o ACE&TATE (colour coming soon) | GLASSES c/o ACE&TATE

Post in collaboration with Ace&Tate.