What I Love About Other People's Blogs


Bit of a different post today, but I felt like sharing a little bit of lurrveee, and also to talk about blogs in a general way. One of the things I find difficult about working for myself is making decisions. I spend hours pouring over an idea thinking 'Is this actually good?!', 'Will people be interested in this?', 'Does this look good?!' and so on and so forth. In these moments, I ask myself, "What do I want to see from a blog?" I read blogs for years before I started my own, and I still have favourites that I love for different reasons. A blog should always be about what you love, and so if I continue to take inspiration from what I love to see in other people's blogs, then I will always be passionate about what I am doing. That is why my blog is so heavily focused on personal style. Those are the posts I get excited to see on other blogs, more so than any other category! It's what made me fall in love with blogging, and is what I continue to blog about.

SO, I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs. I have split them into categories to highlight the reason I love them, but really they all belong in every category! All these blog focus heavily on fashion, but not always typically my kinda style, as I look for more from blogs than style inspo. And please leave any more blog recommendations in the comments!  


These are the ones I check the most frequently, and religiously follow on all possible social media platforms. These girls are my style inspo, my go-to when I feel I have nothing to wear, and my number on shopping enablers! 

Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now

I have followed Lucy for such a long time now, and I don't think she has ever worn an outfit I don't like. She is puts together the most amazing looks that are perfect for everyday inspiration. Her photography is always gorgeous too, always feeling effortless in a way I always strive for.

Brittany Bathgate from Brittany Bathgate

Brittany is a force to be reckoned with, I am sure she is going on to do great things. She just has an eye for what looks good, for putting simple pieces together that really shouldn't work but completely do. I recommend her Instagram for a dose of daily inspiration, but do take the time to read her blog posts too, they're equally incredible! 

Yanin Namasonthi from I Dress Myselff/Pretty Sickly  

Yanin wears denim like no one else!! Almost every pair of jeans she wears I want to go buy, and I personally feel I can never have enough denim inspo in my life. She is also a queen at finding incredible high street pieces, and I have made many a Zara order after seeing her outfit posts! 


I don't think one became as relevant to me until I started blogging. But there are some blogs that just stand out for their quality. For me quality usually comes down to; consistent posting, amazing photography, well written, generally a gorgeous blogging. Now almost all the blogs I read tick all these boxes, but these are the ones I constantly go to for blogging inspo.

Reem and Natalya from Five Five Fabulous

The only thing better than one impeccably dressed woman is two of them. It's what makes Reem and Natalya's blog stand out so much, they manage to share their lives, their style and their personalities, while remaining a cohesive unit! The quality of their posts never falters, and they manage to mix in lifestyle with fashion in such a seamless way, which is something I always aspire too.

Shini Park from Park & Cube

For me, Shini constantly pushes the bar higher and higher. She is so incredibly creative, everything she does looks flawless, and I cannot imagine the time that goes into creating those blog posts. Not only do her posts visually look incredible, but she writes beautifully too. Everything she does has her own touch and voice to it, which is so important and admirable. 

Hannah Louise from Hannah Louise F 

Hannah has got it allll going on. She is insanely beautiful, has amazing style and is incredibly intelligent. She has the perfect mix of content on her blog. Outfit posts with amazing photography (which just keeps getting better and better), and some thought provoking and eloquent essays which I always look forward to. She is using her blog as platform to discuss important issues, while still keeping it a place of enjoyment that you can easily scroll through on an evening for some inspiration. 


Needless to say I find all the people mentioned (and many, many more) inspiring. However, this selection is people I know personally who inspire me day to day. In their willingness to support me, and other people. Their ability to juggle so many aspects of their lives, while maintaining incredible blogs too!

Megan Ellaby From Pages By Megan

I could not have asked for a better blogging neighbour than Megan, and our timing for both moving to Manchester was just one of those meant to be things. Megan has helped me so much through my blogging career with her openness and advice, and she still continues to every time I see her. She has already had (and is having) an amazing career, and is an exemplar for where hard work and dedication gets you. I know she will just grow from strength to strength, and I am so thankful I get to spend time with someone who inspires me so much! 

Lindsey Holland from Ropes of Holland

Lindsey works as a physiotherapist while also running her incredible blog - talk about impressive multi-tasking! Not only that, but she always finds the time to message me just to tell me how much she loves my blog. I think it's incredible when people just get in touch to compliment you, and it honestly makes my day and shows what a difference supporting one another can make. Her style is incredible too, and she collaborates with so many amazing up and coming brands that I always fall in love with! 

Anne Hadfield and Anne Crowther of Sensational Baby Boomers

Last but certainly not least we have my Mum, Anne, and Godmother also Anne. They recently started their own blog, all about fashion, lifestyle and travel for the 60+. Some of you may know my Mum takes almost all my blog photos for me, so she has become a bit of a blogging pro! My Auntie Anne is a journalist, so with her writing skills and Mum's blogging knowledge it was a perfect opportunity. I think it's amazing as it's not like any blog I have seen before, and I am so proud at how they have thrown themselves into it and are already so dedicated to creating content!