Holiday On Film - City Edition

As promised, here is the second instalment of all the film photos I took while we were away. Spread accross Vancouver and Seattle, we took so many photos as we went. If I had to pick a favourite city out of the two, it would be Vancouver. We really enjoyed Seattle, but I am not sure it is somewhere any of us would be in a rush to visit again - whereas I would love to go back to Vancouver. Both had very different vibes, so it was amazing to visit and experience them both, but the landscape of Vancouver just has to make it the winner. 

My weekly vlog is at the bottom of this post too, if you fancy seeing a little bit more of Seattle. As I mentioned in the vlog, I think part of the reason we didn't enjoy Seattle quite as much was because we started feeling ready for home. I am sure you guys all experience this too, but on the last few days of a holiday (especially when it's two weeks), it's sort of like my head goes back home ahead of me and starts thinking about everything I need to do. Harry had the same thing going on, but thankfully now that we are home I can look through these photos and smile about what an incredible trip we had. 

Elizabeth Hadfield3 Comments