Weekly Photo Diary



Since I started weekly vlogging the weekly photo diary isn't so much of a thing anymore, but last week had two particular events I wanted document and share with you guys; getting my hair done, and an amazing meal. 

So I was lucky enough to be invited to Nicky Clarke in Spinningfields for a complimentary hair colour. Now, I will be completely honest, I was nervous. I have been to the same hairdresser all my life, who I wholeheartedly trust to always be honest with me, give me the best advice, and above all do an amazing job. I decided I would try something new anyway, especially as it was at Nicky Clarke! As soon as I sat down with Suzanne, one of the senior colour directors, I felt immediately at ease. I described what I wanted, and she replied with complete honesty; that won't work on your hair, but this will. She completely understood what I wanted, and explained to me what she thought the best course of action would be. When I went back in for the colour I was completely relaxed, and so excited. No nerves at all, and I was completely right to feel that way - Suzanne did an incredible job. So I left with a big smile on my face, and some beachy highlights that were even more amazing than I had imagined !



Another highlight was going for a spot of dinner at Australasia, which is without a doubt one of the fanciest spots in Manchester. I have been a couple of times before, and it's somewhere I would go back to time and time again. 

Also located in Spinningfields, you walk down into the restaurant through a very intriguing glass wedge! It's certainly eye catching - and what waits below does not disappoint. A super chic space, decked out in dreamy interiors and neutral hues. The food does not disappoint either, and I definitely reccomend ordering as much as possible and sharing. You have to try as many things as possible, and new things too! Harry got me to try smoked eel (after lots of nagging) and I loved it! The cocktails are insanely good too, any mojito lovers out there have to try the coconut and pineapple mojito which I am still thinking about almost a week on!  If any of you have any special occasions coming up, or just fancy treating yourself to a wonderful evening out, then I cannot recommend Australasia enough.