A Brain Dump

Today is a brain dump post full of what's been swimming around my head recently, in no particular order. 

1. Reading. I have been meaning to shoot at this little bookshop for so long. Every time I walk past I think about how it would be such a great location, and now we have finally got around to shooting there, it didn't disappoint. It's now serving as a stark reminder that I must get back into reading soon, I haven't read a book in so long and it's dreadful! I fall out of the habit of reading far too often, instead choosing to spend even MORE time on Instagram in an evening, which really is the last thing I need. Whenever I find myself in these reading ruts I try to find a really good thriller that's a super easy read. A simple book you can't put down is the best way to remind yourself how rewarding reading is - so any recommendations for books like that would be very much appreciated. 

2. Style Evolution. So I am loving the videos on YouTube where people are looking back through their style evolution, so much so that I filmed my own yesterday. I went back through alllllll of my blog posts (took bloody hours). The thing that struck me most was how similar my style was for such a long time, and how recently it has been changing quicker than ever. For so long I just wore ripped jeans, long coats, trainers, brogues or court heels! I still love those looks now when I see them, but it did shock me to see how much things have changed recently. Obviously more on this to follow when the video goes live on Sunday! 

3. Line Of Duty. Harry and I have been binge watching this, and are currently up to season four. Hands down the best police drama I have ever seen, and a must watch if you haven't already! It has us literally shouting at the TV at points, and so many twists and turns you need a lie down after watching an episode. DO NOT start watching if you've got a lot on at the moment - it's more of a three episodes an evening program than being able to stop at one. Proceed with caution! 

4. Aquazzura x De Gounay. I ordered a pair of shoes from this collection like lightening!! They arrived last week and are incredibleeee and I promise to have them in a post ASAP. I am a huge Aquazzura fan, some of my favourite and most worn shoes are from Aquazzura and they are some of comfiest heels money can buy. This adds to my previous point about how my style has changed as this isn't a collection I would have been interested in a couple of years ago. They are the perfect balance between amazing and hideous that I am always going on about, and also incredibly flattering. 

5. L.A. I am going to L.A TOMORROW!!!! I am sosososoooo excited. I have been before but never stayed in the city, so it's going to be incredible and I am fully anticipating falling in love with the place. I am heading there with Lindsey and Katherine for a week of food, drink, sunshine... and of course lots of shooting. I am all packed and ready with some outfits I love in my suitcase that I am so looking forward to sharing on here. I will of course be doing a city guide, vlogging, shooting on film... my hands will be full with cameras and I hoping to get some incredible content to share. All of that will be starting next week! 

6. Slides. Returning to the topic of shoes, I am starting to get myself into sandal mode... specifically, slides. I haven't bought a new pair in some time, and I am definitely ready to welcome a new style into my wardrobe this Summer. I am tempted by the Balenciaga ones (preferably in black) or something similar in terms of clompiness (made up word) on the foot. I want a pair I can wear with anything and everything, has to look especially good with jeans, and be incredibly comfortable. When I am on holiday I love my Havaiana flip flops, so all flat shoes have to compete with them on a comfort level. It's a tough job for them. 

7. Bondi Sands Fake Tan. I have been getting into fake tanning recently, partly because Lindsey and Katherine who I am going away to LA with both tan loads so I am going to look even more like a milk bottle if I don't do something about this. I have also found that it's doing wonders to my skin because it's actually forcing me into a routine of regularly exfoliating and moisturising. My favourite tan is the Bondi Sands Mousse one (here) - so far I haven't had a single disaster with it so I can safely say it's fool proof. And smells like coconut. 

9. This outfit. Can't share an outfit without talking about it! Now I am resisting the urge to mention yet again the fact I am into red and pink at the moment, but of course it was a key factor in this look! The gorgeous Russell and Bromley shoes from my recent post are proving a very simple and effective way to completely liven up any outfit. Imagine how different this look would have been with some trainers? The knit is from ASOS and has bloody sold out which is highly annoying!!! It's superrrr flattering with the tie at the front, and I will be keeping my eye on ASOS incase this comes back in stock. And the jeans are the BDG ones I raved about in yesterday's post, which you will be seeing a lot of over the coming months!