Ridiculous Possibilities



One thing my blog has always brought me is ridiculous possibilities. From trips away, to incredible clothes... and now to building a fort in my own home! When the opportunity came up to work with TK Maxx on their 'Ridiculous Possibilities' campaign, it got a big fat yesss from me. I am huge fan of TK Maxx, and especially their homeware. Lots of pieces in our home have been finds from Home Sense, the Leeds TK Maxx always have some incredible pieces, and I have found a few clothing gems there in the past.. The unexpected mix of products they have is what makes it such a pleasure to browse around, and now that unexpected mix has brought the 'Ridiculous Possibilities' into my lounge. 

Along with the unpredictability of nipping into TK Maxx for a browse, they are also helping us create a pretty unpredictable Summer with #DuvetDining. So, TK Maxx sent me a hugeeee hamper of the incredible goodies that have available (all at up to 60% less than the RRP of traditional department stores or on the high street, what more could you possibly want...). Our challenge was to build a fort, and simply enjoy an evening of duvet dining inside our cosy little haven. 


Having an architect boyfriend came in seriously handy here, as Harry was in his element. I am going to be honest with you guys, I had no input in the fort construction... except the odd 'come hold this here', and 'just pass me this', it was all down to Harry. I did, however, do the cushion arrangement inside. Something I always love about TK Maxx is the way seeing unusual things alongside one another gives you new ideas - it was a complete print/colour clash in our fort, that on paper would have sounded awful - but looked fantastic! It was me feeling so inspired for different ways to add colour into our home now. Once inside the fort we were treated to a meal of our choice, and had a few glasses of wine whilst watching TV. It was honestly blissful, and so much fun. My 6 year old self would have been amazed had she known I was creating forts as part of my work, and going back to that childhood activity was honestly delightful. It made a normal evening of dinner and TV so much more enjoyable, and like a little achievement to be snuggled in our lovely fort that I honestly felt quite proud of. So a huge thank you to TK Maxx for bringing this Ridiculous Possibility to life! 

Post sponsored by TK Maxx, read my full disclaimer here.