Spontaneous Mornings #ad

This post is sponsored by Light & Free. 


Today I am sharing two different mornings from the past week or so, and the difference our morning routines can make. I have spoken before about the importance of my morning routine as the morning hours are my most productive, and what I chose to do with them completely effects the rest of my day. Sometimes, the same old routine just doesn't cut it. When you work from home, it can be so easy to sit in your PJs working all day, but it doesn’t really encourage a spontaneous or productive lifestyle, so I always try to nip out at some point in the morning. While I love living in Manchester, and in the city centre, stepping out to get a coffee on these rainy and bleak July mornings doesn't leave me feeling inspired or energised for the day… I mean just look at how grey these photos are, and I am wearing a coat, in July, I rest my case on the bleakness of this British Summer! 

So when the opportunity came up to attend a spontaneous event with Light & Free, I jumped at the chance to experience something completely different in my morning routine and see what a difference it could make to my day. More on the event in a moment, and a little about Light & Free, who have made this experience possible. My most regular breakfast choice is yoghurt, granola and fruit, and this has been spiced up by Light & Free which is seriously delicious. After starting my day with a seriously delicious Light & Free breakfast, Harry and I then headed to an incredible event that would completely set us up for a day of living life to the fullest…

So enough of these grey photos, lets see what a little sunshine and spontaneity can do for us all! The event in question was Morning Gloryville, and If you haven’t heard of it before, let me quickly explain what Morning Gloryville is; it’s an early morning, sober, invigorating rave. Running from 6:30 - 10:30am, it’s focused around the idea of starting your day right with loud music, lots of dancing.. and of course coffee. Setting our alarms for 5:30am the night before, I would be lying if I said Harry and I were feeling thrilled with the wake up call. But around came 5:30, and we hauled ourselves out of bed, got ready, and made our way towards the event in a very zombie-like way. As soon as we walked in we both perked up, greeted by people covered in glitter and waiting to give you a hug… coming from someone who isn’t really a hugger, believe me when I say it was so lovely and energising! 



After finding the lovely Megan and her boyfriend, George, we all headed for a bit of a morning boogie. It’s amazing how quickly you forget it’s 6:30, and seeing people dancing and listening to some loud music (which included some disco classics) had us all smiling and messing about in no time. I can completely see the importance of hosting the event so early in the morning, and if you went to one before a day at work you honestly would be feeling so motivated for the rest of the day. 

I am writing this post having just got back home from Morning Gloryville about half an hour ago. As a testament to how motivated and energised I am feeling right now, I haven’t even made myself a cuppa.. I’ve just sat down and got straight to writing all about it! Thank you so much to Light & Free for giving me the opportunity to attend something as different as Morning Gloryville, it has completely inspired me to find different ways to make my mornings more spontaneous to really get the most out of the rest of the day too.. no more grey bleak coffee runs for me! And thank you for the delicious yoghurt to start the day with too.. and also eat throughout the day... 'cos they're just so good!