These Bloody Shoes!!!

THESE. BLOODY. SHOES. So I bought these in Heathrow airport, they were an impulse buy as I didn't go out hunting for these, but I had slowly but surely fallen in love with them through lots of Instagram and Pinterest inspiration. They are definitely a huge trend piece and unlikely to be something I wear in seasons to come which isn't my usual shopping mantra. However, I liked them and felt like treating myself, so I went for it. Maybe you can tell by the way I am justifying this a little, but I am feeling the buyers remorse because these have been so hard to wear. Everyone I had seen in them made them look super effortless, I have found them anything BUT effortless. They look great with bare legs (as I have already shared in this post here), but I am finding them so much more difficult with jeans. And as we are on our way out of bare legs season, I am desperate to find a way to make these work with trousers.

For the time being, I am making the most of their statement-ness by pairing them with super simple looks, i.e jeans and a t-shirt. I do love how they look with this combination, and yesterday I wore them with some skinny jeans too and felt they looked good. In all honesty though, while I would gladly wear jeans a t-shirt most days, I don't want an expensive pair of shoes that I feel I can only wear with one look. I will definitely keep experimenting and updating you guys - maybe once it gets a bit chillier and we are going for coats and knits they will come into their own a little more. I think the daintiness of them would look great against a very manly and androgynous outfit! Keep you eyes peeled, I am not giving up on them just yet! 

JEANS: VINTAGE 501s (similar style here) | T-SHIRT: H&M | SHOES: MIU MIU (and here) | SUNGLASSES: GUCCI 

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