Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It's Sunday evening as I am writing this, I have Friends on TV (since that came on Netflix I have been binging it endlessly) and am nursing a cold and generally having a lovely time feeling sorry for myself. This week is finally picking up pace a bit which I am so thankful for, I have been itching to really get going with work things again and start travelling again, and January has been a slow starter so far! But this week is going to be all go, and I cannot wait to get back into it all! 

Took these photos at home a couple of weeks ago. Anyone who knows me will know how obsessed with my own flat I am, it's honestly a little sad. It's my little sanctuary and I love spending time here, especially with friends when I can share it with someone else too. I have a few more things to do in here before it's all completely finished and then of course I will be sharing a full flat tour as soon as that's all done. My normal get up around the house is somewhat similar to this, minus the sheer tights and the heels (obvs), but this look was inspired by this image from the Jamie x Khaite campaign Generally I am not a fan of tights because they remind me of uncomfortable school days where they seem to fall down all the time and constantly be bunched up around your ankles. But there is something sort of sexy about sheer tights. Unfortunately I do feel that it's something you need to spend money on to get a good pair - these are Wolford, and I tried some M&S ones and they are just not the same sadly. Thus far I have only worn them around the house for these photos, but I 100% think these would work well for a Winter night out if you still want to hold on to wear skirts and dresses throughout the colder months - which I definitely do.