5 Best Bars In The Northern Quarter, Manchester



Last week Harry and I decided we would try and review some bars in the Northern Quarter, but in a bit of a different way. We thought we would go out one afternoon, drink in a few bars.. and write an honest review as we went. I jotted down this post in my notes, we took photos (good ones, despite the alcohol, phew!!), and now I am posting them all here. We thought it was the realest (and funnest) way to give a review. 

Some of the bars we had been to before, some we had not. It's worth baring in mind this was on a Sunday afternoon, so everywhere was pretty quiet. We didn't eat at any of the places, I exclusively drank cocktails (and I am paying the price now!!), and Harry had the odd beer. I was typing as I went so this is like a live update.. but after the event, if that makes any sense?! 

So, here we go... 5 bars in the Northern Quarter, about 7 drinks later....




Tariff and Dale

Cocktails - £8-£9
What we had: Bloody Mary and Mai Tai

Harry: "It's a very good Bloody Mary, but could have a tad more alcohol" - I would like to add Harry makes the strongest drinks known to man so no surprise there. He also adds he thinks he likes Bloody Mary's cos they're like ketchup - as a general remark.

My Mai Tai is delicious and just the right strength! I've been here on an evening too and it's a great bar. Has a great ambience whatever time of day. Right now it's super chilled with good music (currently playing: Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones) and incredibly friendly staff!

I was here on Friday night and there was a really good mix of people here too. Old to young, after work drinks to pre-drinks. It's not too noisy either so you can actually manage to have a conversation.



The Whiskey Jar

Guys... They're playing Sticky Fingers!!! If you guys watch my vlogs you'll know how much Harry and I are a fan of them! Tt's amazing in here - in some ways similar to Tariff and Dale but slightly grungier, which I love.

I ordered a whiskey mojito (the Whiskey Smash, £7.50) which is delicious, but the manager just brought over one of their whiskey and tonic's which MY GOD IS AMAZING! (The Whiskey Jar gin and tonic is, apricot liquor, Beefeater gin, La Phroaig whiskey spray, peach juice and tonic. It's £7.50 and part of the happy hour which is from open until 7pm, 2 drinks for £10). Seriously incredible. This place is also full of Chesterfield sofas which make me want to curl up and go to sleep they're so damn comfy!

All in all this place is amazing. I've never been before so can't comment on how it would be on an evening - but right now it's incredibly chilled. I will definitely be coming back

Harry has ordered a beer, a London IPA which he says is good. We are both still buzzing about Sticky Fingers playing and Harry is loving it too!






So we've just stopped for some lunch and carried on with our quest. Next stop, Common, a place we've been many times for food and drink. The burgers are very good, and the drinks too - but nothing spectacular.

I've got a StawJerry Mule and Harry ordered a White Russian (came to a total of £14 for both), and while they're not bad at all, they're nothing amazing. That being said, as a bar generally it would definitely recommend. The atmosphere is lovely, it's interiors are simple but really good, and there is a good cocktail selection.



Cane & Grain

Ed Sheeran is playing which is not my idea of a good time. Aside from that all is good - the interior is very cool. I was especially fascinated by the beer pump pully things. Both Harry and I have had a dark and stormy (£15 for both) which are really good. I've just witnessed some exciting flame action at the bar and I'm temped to go order whatever that was.

I have never been in here before. I always walk past and it's pretty busy so it's obviously popular. It has a little outdoor seating area which would be a perfect summer spot for some cocktails and people watching. We braved the cold for some photos then dashed inside for some warmth!!

Going to get the flamey drink now.

Got a good photo of the flamey drink doing its thing. It's a Zombie and cost £9. It's very delicious and tastes like tropical juice and also like I could drink a lot of them very quickly.





Hold Fast

This is the best cocktail of the night!! we both had a Salt & Shake (accompanied with a intense debate about feminism, as you do), it was happy hour so two for £9 and my god it was good. They also give you popcorn, which we devoured in under 2 minutes.

I have never been here before, and in all honesty I have ever noticed it really. It's amazing! Very cosy and low light but in a good way. My phone is very bright right now, a bit like in the morning when you wake up and it blinds you!