Lived Not Modelled

Working for myself makes every day varied; some days I sit at home behind a computer all day, others I am out at meetings, and other times I am running errands in an Insta-friendly outfit. One of my favourite things about this is the freedom I have when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I am not someone who can be productive in my PJs, so I put a little thought into my outfit everyday. A big part of my lifestyle is obviously documenting these outfits too, so while I would gladly live out of skinny jeans and jumpers everyday, it’s important I put a bit more thought and creativity into things. Therefore, it’s essential I have lots of versatile pieces in my wardrobe that work around my everyday life, a big part of which requires me to feel stylish. These clothes can’t be high maintenance, I have to be comfortable and I have to be confident I can style them however I need to; whether it’s a case of throwing on some suit pants and a jumper to run to the Post Office, then adding a blazer onto that to share my look with you guys, I need power pieces that make this as effortless as possible. This is where Jigsaw come into the equation for me. With pieces that integrate into my life, however I need them to. Whether it’s a day at home, or a day on my feet constantly reaching for coffee - I can easily have an outfit ready for any eventuality. 

So with this in mind, I have styled up four looks from Jigsaw's collection, all showcasing how I need these outfits to work for me, from day to night, whatever the day brings! 


The first look is one every woman needs to have in their wardrobe. The power outfit that's smart and stylish enough to work for a multitude of outcomes. It's got to be well put together, and comfortable enough to not slow you down. It's for the day when you have a million different things to be ready for; smart for meetings, comfortable for getting from A to B, layered but not too wrapped up, and of course stylish so you feel like the best version of yourself! With that in mind, I went for something loose fitting with a tailored jacket to smarten it up. Wearing a two piece that isn't a suit is great way to be smart, and don't think these sort of outfits have to be paired with heels either!


As mentioned, so many of my days are spent in my flat behind a computer. I vlog daily, and often nip out to the nearest white wall to take a photo, so it's worth me always making a little bit of an effort! So taking the top from the two piece, I put together a loose fitting outfit that I can gladly sit about all day in. Plus some shoes I can slip on and off - the second I settle into my slippers I am guaranteed that the buzzer is going to go off and I have to scramble to find some shoes to go and sign for a parcel! So easy shoes are a must! 




So most days I am all about casual style. Nothing inspires me more that outfits made of the most everyday and simple pieces that look incredible! Needless to say, these looks are perfect for busy days. From popping here to there, picking up this, dropping off that, filming something here and shooting something over there - this is the look for those days. The days where you sit down at 9pm and go 'where did the day go?!', we all have them and we all have our own way of dressing for them. 

As the sunshine has been making an appearance (YAY!) I am loving wearing slides at the moment - they are one of my favourite style of shoes as they're so so comfy and always look so stylish too. They have an incredibly laid back feel to them, so I love to pair them with more tailored pieces. This incredible jacket is a serious power piece in my wardrobe already - the length makes it sit perfectly between not quite being a coat but still a little more exciting than a blazer. Also the perfect piece to wear for smarter occasions... 



The final outfit is much more glam, perfect for after work drinks or just slipping into after a long day (all I switched from the previous outfit is my jeans and shoes, easy peasy!) I think flashing a bit of leg is really easy glamour - aside from the effort of shaving and tanning! I could so happily spend a day in the previous outfit, and nip home to switch into his skirt and feel 1037289x more glam and ready to go! This skirt is the softest leather too, and I love how it is just a couple of inches longer than the jacket! And while I would love this outfit as an all black look, keeping with my white tank top nods to the warmer months that finally feel like they are around the corner!

For me, I don't want feeling glamorous to always be synonymous with huge amounts of effort. If I spontaneously feel like heading out for a cocktail, I want to be out the door within half an hour, but still in an outfit I feel incredible in. This look is just that for me, effortless glamour that makes me feel amazing!


So, needless to say I am incredibly impressed with Jigsaw and they are a new favourite of mine. If you guys are interested in getting your hands on some of their pieces they have a little competition running that I wanted to let you know about. All you have to do is share your #LivedNotModelled moments, sharing how your clothes integrate into your everyday life. Just use that hashtag, and the prize is £1000 to spend in store! (See more info here too)