Welcome to a new week! One day later than usual thanks to a wonderful long bank holiday weekend which, of course, flew by. I am actually writing this on Tuesday morning, which is really not like me! But I completely ditched work mode over the weekend. It was amazing. I usually do some work on the weekends, which I really don't mind at all and actually really love, but this time was a little different! I must say it wasn't particularly planned either. We went out on Saturday night to watch Harry's band play... and didn't go to bed until 6am!!! I literally cannot remember the last time I did that, so obviously Sunday was a bit of a write off. As for yesterday, we spent the day cooking and cleaning as some friends came over for a long and lazy roast. It's amazing how much good company, lots of laughing.. and some alcohol can really force your brain to ditch work mode. 

However I am BACK in work mode, trying not to panic that I have a little more to get through today than I would like, and trying to forget the fact I thought it was okay to eat a tub of clotted cream from the tub yesterday (WHYYY did I do that?!) Thankfully I still have a tonne of images to share from Madrid, and these happen to be some of my favourites. 

Those of you who watched my haul will have seen these shoes, skirt and sunnies already. I bought them all on our first day in Madrid and wore them all the very next day. So lets discuss from the bottom up. The shoes are amazing, and instantly have become one of the favourite pairs I own. They are the most hideous colour ever (they are available in different colours, and I am considering purchasing another pair!), the easiest to walk in and are super comfy. We walked for miles on the day I wore these, so I really went for it on their first ever outing too! They fit true to size, and I promise to get more posts styling up these babies very soon! 

This gorgeous skirt is from Mango, a purchase inspired by my desire to get into wearing skirts a little more. I get a lot of requests for a skirts Testing Basics so I am trying to get myself into the skirt zone so that I can film that one day. This one is very comfortable due to that lacey section which means it really expands with you when you decide to eat a lot (for instance, clotted cream straight from the tub). The thing that makes it really good though is the fact is it both tight fitting, but a thick fabric. Unlike the Topshop one I shared last week that is really tricky to tuck things into, this one stays relatively lump and bump free. The shirt I have on is a giant one from Ralph Lauren that you could honestly wear as a dress. It made it the perfect piece to achieve the billowing sillouhette I was going for, and I was relieved at how effortlessly it tucked into this skirt.

Finally, the sunnies. I wanted these after seeing them on the ever stylish Debora Rosa, and managed to leave Loewe with just these in hand (after picking up about 100 handbags, and then thankfully putting them back down). They are obnoxiously large, but I think completely cool because of it. I love a statement pairs of sunnies because they can elevate the laziest Summer outfits into something a little more interesting, so I planned to keep these firmly glued to my face throughout Summer. 

SKIRT: MANGO | SHIRT: RALPH LAUREN (old) | SHOES: DRIES VAN NOTEN (I can't find this colour online, but two other colour options here and here) | SUNGLASSES: LOEWE | BAG: GUCCI