GOODBYE, Manchester

As most of you will now know, I am moving to London next month. On the 1st August to be precise, just over one week away, and I am feeling both excited and apprehensive about the change ahead. I remember writing similar things before moving to Manchester almost two years ago. I have loved living in that incredible city, and there are so many things about it I will miss so much. I remember walking through the Northern Quarter before I moved there and thinking about how amazing it would be to live with all of this on your doorstep, and it did not disappoint. This is now exactly how I feel about moving to Notting Hill, and it's reassuring that while this move is scary and intense, there is a sense of familiarity within here too. 

For me, moving to London is never something I really pictured in my life. I have been so rooted in the North, and I love it so much there, that London never really held much appeal. But even before I made the decision, I would walk through Manchester and feel myself outgrowing it. Feeling like I needed somewhere bigger, and that combined with the itchy feet I’ve had since I first visited LA has made me have a completely different outlook on where I would potentially live. 

That being said, Manchester brought so many amazing things into my life. Lots of incredible friends and memories, some great nights out, days out, working days, relaxing days. I desperately wanted to shoot a post there as a little goodbye, to mark this moment even though I am sure I will find a way to shoot in the Northern Quarter again soon! The Northern Quarter has been such an integral part to my blog and aesthetic for the past two years. The red brick, New York Soho vibes have always been my favourite and I have lost count of how many times I have shot in the streets here. While I am so excited for the wealth of shooting locations London will offer, I will definitely miss the Northern Quarter and it’s incredible streets. 

There is actually so much I will miss about Manchester. I love the friendliness of the city, the grittiness of it in its architecture, the mix of people and the accessibility of everything. Of course there are things I came to dislike too, walking through Piccadilly Gardens (my purgatory), the constant grey skies, crossing Great Ancoats street every bloody day. And when I am there now I really let these things stand out to me, as it’s easier to see the bad in something to justify why you’ve decided to move one. But these are small things that I am sure I will find alternatives too moan about in London, as no where is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. And all in all, Manchester has been an amazing place for me, and somewhere I will always hold close in my heart. 

I thought it fitting to pay homage to Manchester in a very 'me' outfit too, and of course with some photos shot by Paul! Some straight leg jeans, Ray Bans, a long jacket and of course my Gucci loafer. And my gorgeous Roksanda bag which I have been wearing so relentlessly since I got it a month ago that is has completely changed my view on small bags generally - I have picked out a small selection below that I am tempting myself with.