All Black Outfit, Like The Old Days


When I first starting really engaging with fashion online, it was mostly done through Tumblr. This was pre-Instagram, and the sometimes infrequent posts from my favourite bloggers wasn't giving me enough content to consume! I turned to Tumblr, a website I still occasionally scroll through, but nowadays I look for different things. When I first started getting really into my personal style, and specifically the world of luxury items, I was transfixed by the hyper-glam image that so many Tumblr girls had. I am thinking lot of make up, long hair in soft curls (that I could never recreate), skin tight jeans with rips and some Louboutins. It was this inspiration that first got me into incorporating tailoring into my daily looks, and in that sense I have never looked back. While I did invest in a pair of Louboutins, my lacking make up skills and permenantly flat hair meant I never really managed to eminate that super-glam Kardashian inspired look. Plus I have never been into acrylic nails which I feel it the icing on the cake for that look, so there were a few factors holding me back! 

One of the biggest things I remember from this was how much I loved to wear all black. Everything seemed to be about #allblackeverything and black skinnies with a black blazer were a daily uniform. I feel like I have somewhat ditched my love for all black. Sometimes when I am out and about and see someone in an amazing all black outfit I feel so inspired by it, but my love for blue denim has been monopolising everything for quite some time now! Also all black looks can be hard to photograph well as everything sort of gets lost within itself. 

Anyway the relevance of that long story is that I have been feeling inspired by all black again.. well, almost. Sort of shades of black/grey, with some lighter shoes (that aren't Louboutins!) 

This blazer is new in from C/MEO Collective and it's incredible! The ruffle sleeves are the perfect way for me to jump on the ruffle trend band wagon, and it has an especially flattering cut to it. The sunnies are also new in from Sunglasses Shop, I have been religously wearing my Ray-Ban's whenever the sun comes out, so a new pair was very welcome! These are the Fendi 0194S Sunglasses and they have that amazing reflective lens that is ideal for incognito people watching because people cannot see you staring. That is only half a joke, I love to people watch! Anyway they're nice and big and a very lovely rose-goldy-copper (excuse this technical jargon) shade which I also like! 

And on a final note, I just wanted to share a little interview I did with FarFetch at the end of last year - just incase you wanted to hear even more about me and my style ;) You can read it here.