New York City Guide

Today is my final New York post, and we are finishing with a big'un - a huge city guide. As you will see in tomorrow's vlog, things didn't turn out quite as planned while we were away, so while we didn't fit in as much as we had hoped I still have some incredible recommendations for you all! 

Edi and The Wolf



Mum had booked this before we flew out for a treat on our first day, and what a treat it was. We went for brunch, and judging by how amazing that was, I can say with confidence that all their meals will be incredible. It was delicious! Located in the East Village, Edi and the Wolf promises to be a treat from the second you set eyes on it. Covered in plants, the outside is just a gorgeous as the inside! 

The whole place has a very cosy vibe, with lots of dark wood and decorations, it's a pleasant change to the minimal Scandinavian style so many brunch spots have adopted. 

Onto the food, which was just so yummy. Not just a menu full of variations of egg/avocado (which I do love, but when I eat out I like to order things I wouldn't normally have at home), I had fried eggs on sausage hash. I can't talk about it for too long 'cos it's making me sad I can't eat it again right now - but it was really incredible. 

Address: 102 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009



 Top Of The Rock

Perhaps this is an obvious one, but it was honestly not something I have ever really fancied before. This was my fourth time in New York, and never before had I even considered doing the Top of The Rock. I generally don't enjoy doing tourist-y things, you know me, I like to shop. But this time we decided to be tourists, and I am so glad we did! The Top Of The Rock was 10x more amazing than I had thought. We have all seen the photos of the New York skyline, but seeing in person is just completely different. The queues weren't too bad either, something which always sends me running from the tourist spots. 

Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020


Bar 65


So we loved the Top Of The Rock so much that we went back! We picked this one on recommendation of a friend, and I am pleased to say it has more to offer than just incredible views. The food was pretty damn good. Not like 'oh my god wow', more like 'ooo yeah', which is completely okay when the whole experience is amazing! As you can see Mum and I both had burgers, and our drinks were some fancy G&T which went down a little too easily. 

As it was a gorgeous day we opted to sit outside. You still get the view from inside, but obvs just not quite so clearly! So one of the only down sides was the people coming outside to take photos - which meant you had a constant stream of people wandering past your table and hanging about. Completely understandable - if I was inside I would be popping out for a photo too, but when you're actually sat down eating a meal it's a little distracting. Also, online says it has a dress code, but don't worry yourself about that, there was lots of people in shorts/trainers here. We spoke to a couple who had been going there for years who said it used to be a little more exclusive and everyone got dolled up, so I guess it's a shame it's not seen a such a special occasion anymore. 

You can walk in without booking but you have a wait longer, so I would recommend booking online before you visit. 

Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112





This recommendation is more of a general area, but it has to be my fave spot in New York. It has all the best shops, lots of good places to eat, and is generally a pleasure to walk around. I like to pretend I am in a film when I am there, having just nipped out of my gorgeous pent house apartment with my Corgi to get a coffee... anyways, its basically amazing and you should pay SoHo a visit, even just to have a wander around. 


Tibi - my fave New York brand. COS - obvious reasons. Dean & Deluca - don't go in there while hungry, it will not end well.




Magnolia Bakery 

This one really was a highlight. I have been thinking about it ever since. I vow to go back if I ever find myself in New York again. There are a few Magnolia Bakeries around the city, we went to the one on Bleecker Street. You can't sit down inside, so don't go expect tea, cake and a sit down. It's small, busy, and generally overwhelming with all the amazing smells and the important decision of which cake to go for. I went for the famous Banana Pudding which was hands down the best dessert/sweet treat I have ever had. Mum got a carrot cake which she also claimed to be the best carrot cake she has ever had too! 

Address: 401 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014, see there other locations here


Jeffreys Grocery



Last but not least is Jeffreys Grocery, which was a revisit for Mum and I. On both occassions we have been for brunch (possibly my favourite meal of the day to eat out), and on both occassions it has been incredible. This time around we both had yoghurt and granola followed by avocado on toast - delicious!

It's located just around the corner from the central area of Soho, so a perfect spot to fuel yourself for a day of shopping. Apparently the oysters are amazing, if it's your thing. Personally oysters turn my stomach so I will stick to coffees and avocados for now. 

Address: 172 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014


OK so that's it for my recommendations - please let me know of any others you have in the comments so I can head there next time, and also for anyone else who might be planning a visit soon. Thank you guys!