ONE YEAR on 35mm

Almost exactly one year ago I bought a little film camera to start experimenting with film photography on my blog. I thought it would be a nice way to introduce something new, and it has since become my favourite aspect of blogging. I decided I would shoot one roll of film every single week, and share it on here in a diary form. It was a great way to introduce some lifestyle content on my blog, but in a way that felt a little different - and the aesthetic of film instantly brings a sense of nostalgia that digital cannot replicate. I am pretty proud to say that in the past year I have not missed a single roll of film. Every week I have shot at least 24 exposures, and going to get those developed has become a little weekly ritual that I always look forward to. Looking back through a years worth of images brought back so many amazing memories, which was so nice especially given everything going on in my life at the moment. I get all of the images printed too, and they all live in a giant box with my favourites hung on walls. It's a great way to actually take that trip down memory lane, something I usually can only do by going through my iPhone camera roll before ruthlessly deleting half of them when greeted with the dreaded 'storage full' message.

To celebrate all of this, I went through every film post from the past year and took one image from each one. This post spans from a trip to Italy last year (which is when I started shooting on film), through many other trips, hairstyles, friendships and of course, outfits. Starting with no writing at all, then moving onto the annotated images that I love to create so so much. I've also gone through a few cameras in the past year, something I get a lot of questions about. I first had the Olympus Mju II, which lasted many months so a lot of the images in this post were shot on that. It's an amazing point and shoot and I highly recommend it - it served me well until I drop kicked it across a carpark, something I don't recommend as much. After that I got the Olympus XA which is fully manual. I got some amazing photos of this, but it is seriously fiddly to use. In order to shoot a roll of film each week I have to be able to shoot on the go, and often in a rush. Manually setting up a camera every time doesn't work well with 'on the go' and 'in a rush', and when I often need someone else to take the photo of me it was a nightmare to explain exactly what to do, especially when I wasn't very good at it myself. So about two weeks ago I swapped that in for a Leica Minilux, which so far I am loving. It's the most expensive one I have had by a long way, but so far so good, and I am yet to drop kick it across a carpark. 

Not only did starting to shoot film bring the 'My Week on 35mm' series to life, but also a general love for shooting on film. Recently I have shared more content shot on 35mm and medium format than I have on digital! If any of you are feeling tempted by working on film then go for it, it's so so rewarding and challenging - I cannot recommend it enough!   

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