Jeans & Tee 2.0


Ohhh hey there very fancy jeans that are typically not at all me. There are two incredibly stylish ladies to blame for this purchase: Maria Bernard and Lucy Williams. As soon as I saw these jeans I went through a split second "OH MY GOD THEY'RE HIDEOUS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THEY ARE SO NOT ME I AM GONNA GET THEM". And so I got them, and I loveeee them!!! The fit, the wash, and of course the patches. For me, I think I can only get away with wearing them with a mega minimal outfit, but thankfully they are the perfect piece for spicing those looks up a little. These just take jeans and a t-shirt to a whole level!! 

AND THE BOOTS. So much capslock going on in here but I am seriously excited about these pieces. These incredible, incredible boots. They are very comfy, and the most stunning shade of green that looks incredible with denim. I think they look way more expensive than Zara too which is always an instant winner. I have been wearing them all weekend and plan on wearing them all week too. Anyway, all in all, I just really really loved this outfit, all thanks to these new pieces!