My Week on 35mm #5



So, this past week hasn't been the most cheerful. I mentioned on Friday that our lovely cat Neville has gone missing, and sadly he has not yet reappeared. Thankfully, my miserable week was massively saved by being able to see so many of my friends over the weekend. From old school friends, to new blogging ladies, I got to catch up with lots of people who make me very very happy indeed.

So between Manchester at my Mum's in Leeds, we fit in lots of coffee, some cocktails and also some chocolate covered strawberries. I wore a lot of frayed hem denim (not intentional, I only realised just how much I had been wearing when I went through all these photos), and also lots of blazers, but not change there! 

So, I hope you all enjoy this week's film roll. I love how they all turned out, and how they focus on the happy moments on the week rather than the sad bits. And thank you to all of you who commented on my post on Friday, I loved reading every single one!