Capturing a Mood: Happy

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I rarely smile in photos I share on my blog. It was actually a huge motivation for starting YouTube, because I was feeling like the moody aesthetic I was presenting on here didn’t actually represent what I was like to know personally, yet it was still an image I wanted to put out online. In real life I am very smiley, and while I don’t always like the photos of myself where I am flashing the pearly whites, it’s my go-to pose for any photos with friends and family. 

But today, and in the next few posts, I wanted to experiment with capturing a mood - and that mood today is happiness. Since shooting with Dean I have been sharing more and more photos of me smiling because he will always make me laugh as we shoot, so all these photos are capturing a moment of genuine laughter, and it makes me smile to look at them now too. We spent an afternoon shooting at his house on film, Polaroid and some digital, and these are going to be some of my favourite posts I have ever shared.- Of course wearing a bright pink jumper helps to add to the aesthetic, and when I say bright I really mean that I think I could glow in the dark a little bit here. 


I think we can all agree that the moments where you laugh until your sides hurt and you want nothing more to stop laughing are some of the best moments. Those are the times I can’t help but smile when I look back on them, and usually find I can count how many times I have laughed like that each year on my hands. They are definitely moments to be cherished; like the time Linds and I couldn’t get our suitcases up the stairs of the Air B&B we had in Copenhagen and laughed so much the host thought we were crying. They are always moments you have to be there for too, so it’s a little redundant explaining them here, because you had to be there to get it. But so many times I have caught myself having a little solo giggle in public while thinking about those times, which definitely makes me look insane, but it’s something I can’t help but divulge in from time to time. 

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I think of all the moods to capture happiness can be the hardest. Because it looks so forced so easily, like trying to take a candid photo - it’s never going to look as good as one that is actually a candid moment. But when I look at these photos I definitely see a happy moment, even in the ones where I am not smiling. Perhaps that’s because I knew I was happy at the time, so I can easily reflect that emotion onto these photos. 

While of course I have my down days (don’t we all), I am overwhelmingly happy. And it’s certain little things that will always bring me happiness, and not just those moments of side-hurting laughter. I always feel happy when I have finished cleaning the flat, and I enjoy about 10 minutes of tidiness before it descends into chaos again. I love to indulge in a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, they always make me happy. Whenever I actually manage to be in for the postman to sign for something, saving myself a walk out to the post office - but on the other hand, walking around this time of year on a crisp day also makes me happy. Sharing things with people you find funny, for instance this video that I have been laughing about for a week now. 

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I hope these photos serve to make you guys think about those little things too, or even think about what the little things are for you. And most of all, look back on a moment you laughed so much you momentarily stopped breathing, and it’s guaranteed to make you smile! 



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