Dressing Disasters

This. Bloody. Weather. On Saturday morning I woke up to our flat completely bathed in sunlight. I was thrilled, and immediately planned a jacket free out that also included some of my fave shoes of all time. Sadly, my joy was short lived. When we got outside I immediately turned back to get my coat, and thank god I ddid because about an hour later it was literally snowing. I feel like we all have no hope getting dressed in a morning; if you bring back out the puffer jacket because it's raining, you're guaranteed to be in the midst of a heatwave by the end of day. But get too over optimistic about Summer when you wake up to blue skies, you'll be wading through the puddles in your fave summer sandals later on. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!! 

Anyway, as an attempt to save my optimistic jeans and a t-shirt outfit, I added this Mango coat which happened to be almost the exact length of my jeans too - always a good and simple way to make things look very pulled together. Obviously the be all and end all of this outfit are the shoes. I bagged these last season on sale, and I am seriously tempted to repurchase them but with the lower heel. I have worn these SO much!! They are very comfy and easy to walk in (despite the last picture looking like my toes are making a desperate escape towards the pavement, I promise my feet do actually enjoy being in these shoes!). 

SHOES: GIANVITO ROSSI (lower heel version here, I am most tempted by this colour) | JEANS: WEEKDAY | T-SHIRT: FINERY LONDON | COAT: MANGO