Finery London


I have a bit of a thing going on for Finery London. A brand I first heard of a little under a year ago, and is now one of the places I always love to browse. They have the most incredible pieces for a bit of a wardrobe refresh; items that fit my style perfectly, but are a little more exciting that the normal basic pieces. So when Finery got in touch asking if they could send me some pieces, I obvssss said a big fat YES! The two pieces I am sharing are both tops, something my wardrobe always seems to be lacking slightly as I continuously go back to the same t-shirts/polo necks. 

First up is this seriously cool shirt, which is basically like my perfect Summer piece. It perfectly demonstrates what Finery is oh so good at; taking simple and classic pieces but adding a little extra something. In this case it's the tie around the middle, which actually makes the top look so much more flattering. I teamed it with some straight leg jeans and my gorgeous Gucci pumps, and I loved how the shirt just elevated such a simple combination into something way more exciting. 





Next up is this dress which I chose to wear as a top. This is 100% coming with me on my summer hollies where I will wear it in all it's dress glory, but for now I am sticking to jeans underneath it. I went for a pair with a slight kick flare, and cropped, to play up on proportions a little bit. Again, the dress is a simple piece made more interesting by the little details, in this case its the subtle lapels, and the v-neck back. It's a gorgeous linen material, so super soft and all the more perfect to wear when things heat up a little bit. I am also getting very into heels again, and I think you will be seeing a lot more of me in heels throughout the Summer. I thought some heels made this look seem way more chic, especially when they are as gorgeous as these ones! 

This isn't the first time I have talked about Finery with you guys, they were in my Testing T-Shirt video (and came 2nd too!). I hope you love these slightly more exciting pieces, I know I am eyeing up loadssss more pieces for Summer too!