Loewe Barcelona Bag

Around three weeks ago I made a rather large splurge on a new handbag. I had had my eye out for a new, structured, cross body bag for a while. The only one I had in that style was my Saint Lauren Betty, which I still love very very much, but I was after another piece that was equally smart and usable for everyday things. When spending the huge sum of money that comes attached to a designer bag, it has to be a practical piece. I don't care how pretty something is, if I can't fit my wallet, phone, and at least one camera in there, then I am not having it. I look for pieces that I fall in love with, will work well with almost every outfit, and are practical enough for everyday use. And this bag ticks all the boxes. 

I first saw it online and loved it. It is a balance between luxurious but not in your face designer (which is something I steer away from, unless it's Gucci, who just manage to make it work). This particular colour is perfect too, it goes with everything and has proven to be quite durable too. So, I went into Selfridges, tried it on a few times, and went for it. And I have worn it every single day since. 

This has worked with so many outfits, and I wanted to really get an idea of how versatile it would be, and how durable, before giving you a review. It's not a grained leather, which is usually a recipe for disaster when it comes to how easily the leather will mark. That, along with the metal corners on the triangle fastening, I felt sure this bag was going to mark. Thankfully, I was wrong!! It has a few very very small scuffs on it, but nothing at all noticeable. While I do look after my bags, when I am using them out and about I can be quite heavy handed with them. If I am rushing, with my hands full of other things, I am not about to spend my time carefully opening and closing a bag to avoid any wear and tear. This has held up to that level of use really, really well! 

The other hesitation I had for this bag was the opening and closing of it. I have the Celine belt bag which can be a ball ache to use on the go as it's so fiddly to get in and out of. When I first got this one, it was a bit of a faff. As I pushed the triangle through the loop, it would catch on the bottom seam of the bag (I hope that makes sense, have a quick look at the picture above to see what I mean by bottom seam). But, after a few uses, the loop gave a little, meaning the triangle slides in easily and sits over the seam, perfectly matching up with the bottom of the bag. I can easily fasten this bag one handed, without looking. You don't have to thread the triangle through either, as the bag fastens nicely just on the loop. So despite looking like it could be a bit of a faff, it really isn't, and you can fish your keys out the bag one handed while you make your way to the front door with your hands full of bags. 

Finally, the overall quality. This, and my Loewe Puzzle bag easily stand as the best quality bags I own. The detailing on them is incredible. And it's not something I can really describe - you have to see and hold them and really have a good nosey about to get a feel for it. Everything from the stitching to the interior is impeccable, and feels like the level of luxury you would expect for the price. 

So, all in all, YES I would reccomend this bag. As you can see from all the outfits I have worn with it, it has fit perfectly into my wardrobe too. So thank you to Loewe for creating another incredible handbag!! 


PRICE: £1,625 - this sits up there with my Celine Belt Bag as the most expensive ones I own. 

SIZE: 15.5cm long, 14cm wide, 9cm deep. Everyday it perfectly carries; an iPhone 6 plus, a large wallet, two cameras (Canon g7x, Olympus MJU-II), a set of keys, and one lipstick. All without stretching the bag in the slightest. 

STRAP: It has eight different length options. As it's longest it will sit accross body and come to your hips. Shortest you can wear on your shoulder. 

DURABILITY: Big thumbs up!! I have been using this without worrying and fretting about it. It's practical and looks great, which is a match made in heaven!