LFW Day 1 Outfit

Lets kick this week off with some LFW content. Right now I am still in London, with tonnes more content coming your way this week! I shot with the lovely Joe every day, so I have lots of photos I really really love to share too. We were so lucky with the weather on the first day, it was super mild for February and the sun was shining all day long, definitely an instant mood lifter which is sometimes needed when getting into the swing of LFW. This is my fifth LFW now, and I still get nervous before hand and spend a relative amount of time feel like I don't really belong there, which is often the feeling I get when doing something anything outside of my comfort zone. 

I have a huge post coming up about all the ins and outs of LFW, what I do and don't like, the outfit planning etc etc, so I won't go into it too much here. It's probably the one time of year I feel the most self conscious, but also the time I get to see some really incredible and inspiring people - so it really all balances out! 

So, the outfit. Let's start with the shoes; I ordered these on Net-A-Porter as an impulse buy, and then ummed and ahhed about when once they arrived. Now I have worn then I am so so glad I kept them - they're actually sequined, but in such a subtle way it's even tricky to see it through a close up image. It just gives a little bit of a shine and shimmer when you walk, but nothing too in your face. I feel they will be a great pair for me on my lazy days when I just throw on any old jeans and jumper combo, and these will pull the whole outfit together really nicely. They're also very comfortable for a long day on your feet, so compliments to these all round! 

Another new item was this long lace shirt dress that I ordered off Mango. I bloody love this, and I love how much it transformed this outfit from something I wear all the time, to something a little more LFW-appropriate. It also made me feel a little bit like Zorro, but thankfully I refrained from prancing around London like a masked hero. I think this will also be a piece that comes away on holiday with me throw over a bikini on the beach, and over denim shorts for day-to-day Summer wear, so I have high hopes for the versatility of this one. 

The rest of the outfit consisted of some well loved items. My Raey jeans that I cannot stop wearing for the life of me, I know I keep saying it but they're really fantastic and I could not recommend them any more! And of course my Loewe Puzzle bag, I have had this for almost exactly one year now and I still love it as much as the day i got it. Another piece I wholeheartedly recommend to you all. The leather jacket is also Mango, and is part of the testing basics I have been filming for weeks now, without giving away too much, I am very impressed with this one indeed. 


Photos by Joe Galvin - thank you for always helping me produce content I love! 

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