What's In My Bag | Blogging Edition

I know so many women carry around so many things in their bags. I am definitely guilty of it too; but there are so many things I just need to leave the house with. And for a blogging focused day, this is the case even more so. If you follow me on Snapchat (lizzyhadfield) then you may have seen I often cart around a very stylish Tesco's bag for life for blogging days. It will be full with all sorts; hairspray, camera, lenses, shoes, laptop. But that's the old me now. The new me has a much more chic option for those practical days. Welcome my new Loxley bag. Loxley is a brand you have seen pop up on here many times before, a brand I love (and you guys are going to love it even more when you see the next collection, honestly it's stunning!!) and for me perfectly marks the balance between style and practicality, which is so so important for me and my wardrobe. 

This particular bag is the Devonshire, it's also available in a smaller size, but for what I will be using it for, bigger is definitely better! Just like all Loxley bags, the quality is incredible, and this one is filled with lots of little nifty compartments making it an organisational dream! 

To share this bag with you I wanted to include a little outfit, and also give you a little insight in to what I carry around for blogging days. A little view into my blogging essentials - not including the hairspray and the extra pair of shoes because I wanted to make myself seem wayyyy more organised than I actually am!


I guess the main thing I need to be able to carry around for my blogging days is my laptop. And usually my charger too (that wasn't photogenic enough to make the cut for the photo, sorry charger), which automatically makes things pretty heavy! The other item not pictured is my DSLR, which I was using the take the photo! It's a Nikon D5300 and I very rarely leave the house without it. Depending on what I plan to shoot, I try and just take one lens (50mm is my first choice), but if I know I have to shoot some indoor things I will bring along my 35mm too. Thankfully, my vlogging camera is no where near as hefty! My little Canon G7X which I really love and would recommend! I pretty much exclusively use this for vlogging and never take photos on this as it doesn't match up my big Nikon. Next up is a notebook and pen, I am a combination of two things; forgetful and a list maker. This makes a pen and paper essential for me! I write down almost everything; from scribbly to-do lists, to outfit plans, shopping lists (food and clothes, obvs) and post ideas. My favourite brand of notebook is Leuchtturm, these are a little pricey but worth it in every way! I currently use the A5 versions, but if you are a student I really recommend the A4 ones for note taking/essay planning. They are laid out so beautifully they are just a pleasure to write in! I also am partial to a fancy pen, this one is my Mont Blanc and was my 19th Birthday pressie (thanks, Mum). I use this pen every single day and if I ever forget it I honestly feel oddly lost without it. The sunglasses in here represent all the extra crap I will inevitably pile in here; more nude lipsticks than you think is possible, about four pairs of sunglasses, chewing gum, tissues, Compeed.. just all the stuff we don't need and makes the bag 2x heavier! Thankfully this gorgeous Loxley is ready for it, and is the perfect answer to my 'but I don't want to leave without three notebooks, two cameras, and four charging leads' issues, while still being an outfit saviour!!