My City My Style

Since moving to Manchester I have been so inspired by this city. I have found it so refreshing to be living somewhere new, having all these new streets to explore; for fun and also for blogging. I love it’s inherent industrial vibes that can be seen everywhere, from the architecture right down to the soot stained bricks. I love the feelings of the different areas, and the people that inhabit each of these. And I love the inspiration all of this gives me! I wanted to share a little more about this inspiration alongside H&M’s incredible new Spring collection. The collection is inspired by city style from all over the world, and just browsing through the gorgeous collection you can see the inspiration from different cultures and urban environments. So lets delve into three Manchester locations that inspire me and my style… 

So the first spot is Victoria Train Station. This place has gone through some incredible changes recently, and the mix of old and new architecture is something I always find so beautiful. Now, I don’t know too much about architecture, but my boyfriend is nearing the end of his Architecture degree and agrees that Victoria Station is pretty spectacular. I love everything about it, right down the colour of the tiles which have been preserved so perfectly. Not only is the building itself beautiful, but it always reminds me of my first experiences of Manchester. From all the visits I made with my parents, and from the first time I was allowed to travel from Leeds to Manchester with a friend. Victoria Station has always been the starting point of my experience of Manchester, and since it’s renovation it could not be a greater introduction to the city. 


Next spot is an area which made me want to live in Manchester more than anywhere else; the Northern Quarter. It was walking around here that made me imagine Manchester as a home, and I could so easily picture myself popping to all the shops and cafés just on my doorstep. Now this is my reality, and it’s just as incredible as I imagined! I think anyone who knows Manchester understands the appeal of the Northern Quarter. It’s quirky, very cool, but not at all intimidating. It’s vibrant in every way; from it’s colourful graffiti, to the array of unique shops, cafés and restaurants. The people here are pretty inspiring too, and each time I walk through here I see someone who looks incredible! 

The Northern Quarter itself has its own unique vibe, but there are so many different streets and corners that feel different from one another. I love the grungy, slightly filthy alleyways which back onto a brightly coloured square full of graffiti and bright shop fronts. As a blogger, it’s pretty much heaven with all the location options! 

Living here has encouraged me to use my own style as a form of self expression. Something I have always done, but seeing so many unique people with such varying senses of style inspires me to do this even more. Above all else, this quirky little spot inspires me to be me, and to wear whatever I want without worrying what other people may think.

The final spot inspires me in a different way to the other two. It’s not so much about the surroundings, but the different headspace I achieve when here. I am of course talking about some super stylish coffee shop. This one is Pen and Pencil, located in the Northern Quarter alongside countless other incredible cafés I often frequent! Working from home can sometimes make me a little stir crazy, and I find myself slowed down by the same surroundings, and by being on my own. Nothing inspires me more in terms of my work than popping out to a local café (and of course soaking up some style inspo in the Northern Quarter on my way!). I find I become 10x more productive just from having new surroundings and the buzz of other people around me - not to mention the WiFi is usually much quicker than my own, which is always a winner! 

Now, lets finish up by discussing this incredible outfit that felt like a breath of Spring fresh air! From H&M's new Spring range, I took inspiration from their campaign with this look, and I love it so much. These trousers are pretty much the perfect pair for spring, and teamed with this tasseled top I was all for swishing and swaying my way through the day!  I wanted to keep things minimal, because you guys know what I am like, but also lighter and fresher than I would usually go for. I love the way the light colours contrast the industrial grime on Manchester’s buildings, but also compliment the vibrancy of the Northern Quarter. This outfit is exciting for me. I love the tassels, the feeling of Summer look gives me, and the excitement of living in this incredible city! 



As part of the #MyCityMyStyle campaign there is also a competition you guys can get involved with too. To win yourself a £50 H&M voucher all you have to do is comment on one of my #MyCityMyStyle social media posts (on either my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all of which are linked at the bottom of this post), tagging a friend and stating where you find your style inspiration in your own city. One winner will be selected on 26th March!  

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Post created in collaboration with H&M.