A Trip Down Memory Lane

I spent my Saturday rushing around Leeds with Mum getting all the last minute bits before flying to LA. We shot some film throughout the day as we went; between getting some dollars, picking up clothes for projects, sorting out my slowly dying phone and getting distracted by some pink Gucci loafers (!!!! I NEED THEM !!!!). I was wearing an outfit I loved, in a city I love while prepping to go on another trip. All in all, life felt very good indeed. Also with freshly died and cut hair - huge thank you to Josh Wood for sorting my mop out for me, I love it more than I ever have before and it was hands down the fanciest salon experience I have ever, ever had. 

I can already tell this post is just going to be a good old stream of consciousness, so lets kick that off with the outfit. This look features lots of pieces that I am loving a lot. These jeans from & Other Stories which fit incredibleeee and I bloody love the wash. I got them in a waist 26 and they fit like a dream, another pair of high street denim that I cannot recommend enough. The t-shirt is part of the next Testing Basics so I am going to keep my mouth shut on this until the video is ready. The shoes were a Net-A-Porter sale purchase last week. They're Charlotte Olmypia and I promise to share some close up photos soon - they are the coolest and most holiday appropriate slides ever. Perfect to team with simple outfits to add a bit of excitement to things. The sunnies are also new - from Celine and I bought them in London last week, after being persuaded by Lindsey that I needed them. I have been after some new statement sunnies for a while and have been feeling really uninspired by the selection. These are perfection though - slightly off white, and I love the rectangular shape. They will be firmly attached to my face throughout all of next week when I am in LA. 


Having a day in Leeds with Mum really took me back to my teenage years, where most weekends Mum and I would pop into town to do some shopping and get some lunch. I spent so many weekends there with friends, going to the cinema and sitting in Starbucks for hours people watching, and I used to dedicate so much time to what outfit I would wear for those special outings. I can still remember the first time I was allowed to go into town with a friend on my own too. And then all the many times I did the long walk down to the train station, followed by the long train journey when we lived in the middle of nowhere. All my first ever nights out on Call Lane with someone else's ID because we weren't 18 yet (some of those nights I don't want to spend too long remembering again/can't remember that much at all), then all of my Uni years wandering to and from Headingley and generally living in the library for the best part of two years. All the locations I exhausted for shooting over the first two years of my blog, and the number of times I accidentally found myself in Zara buying far too many things. I love being back there so much, and even though it's changed loads in the past year alone, it always holds so many memories. 

P.S. Sorry for so many photos, I just loved this entire roll of film so much!