My Week on 35mm #17


Coming at you all with some gorgeous scenery today! We spent the weekend being extra extra festive weekend in the Lake District, and it was so amazing. We laughed a lot, played games, drank far too much, ate endlessly and also fit in a rather spectacular walk. It was super foggy the whole time which did occasionally lend itself to some dramatic views, but for the most part meant we couldn't see a single thing! Despite that, after a seriously stressful week prior feeling a little overwhelmed with things I was so excited for this relaxing weekend. I barely did any work, and it was so good not be worrying about things like Instagram and YouTube which normally fills more of my mind than I would care to admit. In all honesty I am now trying to get back into the swing of things although the pull of Christmas is making me want to just curl up in a ball and eat lots of chocolate. But, here we are, with just two more posts between us and the Christmas weekend. I am now back at my Mum's writing this from the comfort of her GIANT sofa with a fire roaring and a G&T in hand. Does that not sound like heaven? Not a bad way to be working at all! 

Also, something realllyyy exciting happened yesterday!! All will be revealed on my Insta today and also in my vlog at 5pm as I filmed the whole thing. But, in the meantime, let me tell you... it's related to my Mum's Christmas present and is very small and very fluffy. Not much of a subtle hint that one, is it? Anyway, I can't wait to share it with you all.. and next week's film post will reveal all too. 



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