The Fuzz


This post is sponsored by Jaeger

I have to start this post with a story about this coat. Unlike many of the pieces in my wardrobe, my love for this began when I saw this in the flesh, rather than online. I was walking along Oxford Street in London and happened to wander past the wonderful Lindsey Holland. After accosting her in the street in a very excited way, I was INSTANTLY distracted from whatever she was saying to me by her incredible coat. It was this coat... the softest, most amazing coat ever. So obviously when shooting this post, it was the first thing I grabbed from Jaeger - I am considering also using it as a blanket so that I can wear this as much as humanly possible. So thank you Lindsey, for the coat inspo here! 

More to the point, the reason I got to strut around the streets of London in this incredible coat was because Jaeger very kindly invited me down to their beautiful new store on Marylebone Street (note: it's a mirror selfie heaven, see here for evidence of that). If you want to go and touch this coat for yourself (highly recommended you do) and also browse the entirety of their incredible collection (also recommended) and touch more soft things (like this coat, recommend that too) then be sure to head down there for a browse. 

I also picked up this gorgeous dress, which I wore over jeans this time round but I do have a post coming up styling this piece in a different way - it's such a chic piece and it totally fit me like a glove! 


Photos by the wonderful Moeez at  Comb