25 Things This Year...


Today is my 25th Birthday! YAY! I am spending the day with my Mum before catching up with some friends in the evening, As it's my birthday I thought I would share a few things I have learnt in the last year, well 25 to be exact because it's quite a large number so will really get me thinking. This year has been a crazy one, both personally and professionally, and I feel like a very different person now to how I did on my last birthday. I think we all change lots in our 20s, so that's to be expected, and as I am now officially in my mid 20s I am excited to see what the next five years will hold. I am sure lots more change is ahead! 


1. Travel really is the best thing to spend your money on. The best times I have experienced this year, and some of the hardest and furthest from my comfort zone, have been while travelling. Both of those scenarios make you grow as a person, so it's a good thing to seek them out sometimes. 

2. I can't switch off. Try as I might, it's not happening. I constantly think about creating content, so I am just riding this wave while it lasts because it comes from a true passion for what I do (which I honestly think will last forever). 

3. How to truly support other women. At the beginning of this year there were some people I would see as competition, and as something to compare myself to. But now those thoughts couldn't be further from my mind. I am surrounded by women who support me relentlessly, so I do the same back without a second thought. I can't remember the last time I compared myself to someone, which feels like an incredible achievement. 

4. Being on your own can be as difficult as it is rewarding, I wrote more about that here

5. Exercise can become a huge part of your life when you let it, and you should all let it. This year I have exercised more than ever, and loved it more than ever. 


6. You can't please everyone. YouTube has taught me this more than any other platform. Sometimes I feel picked apart, but whenever I see one bad comment I go and read five good ones to remind myself of the good stuff. Accepting you won't make everyone happy and seeing content creation as your own creative pursuit is the best way to make work you are proud of. 

7. I am never going to be efficient when it comes to packing a suitcase. It's just not a skill I have, and believe me I have had plenty of  practice this year.

8. Life will always throw lots at you at once, and more often than not it will take a while for it to catch up with you. Keep busy, but also be ready to ride out the sad and difficult moments no matter how hard it is.

9. Shitty Fluted is a guaranteed laugh on YouTube, I learnt this very recently. 

10. You can be the most creative when working with people who get your style and vision. Working with photographers like Dean and Scott has taught me this, and they have pushed my content further than I ever could have done alone.  


11. An Old Fashioned is the best alcoholic drink in the world. And having good whiskey in your home is always an essential (Woodford Reserve is my fave, FYI). 

12. The best jeans on the high street are from Urban Outfitters, & Other Stories and Topshop. Don't bother with designer pairs. 

13. Sometimes a task can feel like a mountain you can never ever climb. I felt that way about moving. I remember looking at all my stuff and just thinking 'how?' How was I possibly going to get this across the country, while dealing with personal things, while running a business that I will never neglect. Equally, I remember standing in my London flat looking at all the boxes full of my stuff ready to unpack and thinking, 'how?' How did I manage that? Taking it one day at a time, being practical, and having an organised person like my Mum who makes any task a breeze, no matter how overwhelming. 

14. Knowing what you like is the best feeling ever. I am confident in my taste now, I know what works for me and looks good for me, and nothing sways me from that. 

15. Interior decisions are the most successful when you take your time. I learnt this both in Manchester and London. Ponder your decisions and live with what you have. And try not to get the same stuff as everyone else, it can be kinda boring.   


16. Less is more when it comes to make up, I have really pared back my make up bag and now can get ready in no time at all, and it helps to keep your skin in  good condition. 

17. I am never going to be able to maintain a routine with this job, no matter how much I crave it. So small routines have become really important to me - like drinking one cup of tea and then one cup of coffee in the morning and reading through some blogs, and walking to and from the gym every time I go. 

18. Good friends always will understand. I haven't been the best at keeping in touch with some of my oldest friends over the past few months, but whenever we do speak again they always understand and we get straight back to speaking to one another as if we had seen each other the day before. I always feel so lucky to have friends like this. 

19. Walking has become a weirdly vital part of my life. I walk at least a mile almost every day, and if any journey can be done on foot in under 45 mins I try to take the time to walk. With headphones in, I find it really clears my head. Sometimes I don't think about work at all and just daydream, other times I have loads of ideas and feel motivated again. 

2o. I am always more motivated and inspired by images than video, I spend hours scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration - but I always find video less inspiring. 


21. The Gucci loafer is, and always will be, the best investment you can make. I have never found a shoe I love as much, or wear so relentlessly. 

22. Fresh flowers make a house home FOR SURE. Whenever my flowers die and I am without them for a day or so my home feels completely different! They can be bloody expensive (there is a flower stall in Notting Hill that could render me bankrupt), but they are such an essential for me now. 

23. Investments aren't always financial. Moving down to London has been the most extravagant decision I have ever made. If I thought about it in terms of financial investment, I would never have done it. But it's been an amazing investment in other things; my happiness, lifestyle, friendships, content. I think we do tend to see all investments as only financial, when there are so many other things that can be considered.

24. If you have sensitive skin this Bioderma moisturiser is the best thing you can use, I love it. 

25. I love a longline blazer as much today as I did on my 24th Birthday, I think they are the most 'me' item I can think of.