Midi Skirt



I was just scrolling down my recent posts and had a moment of shock at just how many skirts I have been wearing recently! This hasn't been a conscious decision at all, I am clearly just having a moment of really loving skirts. Anything that stops me wearing denim is a good thing from time to time, and this incredible skirt is definitely having that effect! Rixo is a new brand on my radar and one I am loving, they have beautiful pieces and some incredible prints, and this style of skirt has to be one of the most flattering pieces I own. I am loving it for day to day looks like this, but it will really come into it's own for evening outfits too. With a tight fitting top and some amazing heels, this is going to be perfectly understatedly sexy and also completely eye catching for all the right reasons. 

Rixo style this skirt online with a belt so I went for that too, but stay tuned for a video tomorrow to see that it looks just as good without the belt. I am feeling that despite it being such a stand out piece it will be super versatile, and something I will always pack in my suitcase whenever I go away. So far it's feeling well worth the money. 

Styling wise I went with a simple white t-shirt. I am working on a post sharing some of my recent favourite basics at the moment, but as a little teaser.. this ASOS tee is going to be in it. It's proving to be an amazing piece for an incredibly affordable price. And the Vans were an obvious choice just because I love them and also because they're black and white so it all just made sense. I will 100% be re-wearing this look... and I am getting a bit ahead of myself and imagining this skirt with a black cashmere turtleneck in Autumn too. YES PLEASEEEE!